After 27 hours rises from grave
It said Steve of the northern Ndilande,had been in a comma after an accident at a grain mill.His family presumed him dead and buried him.

The newspaper quoted Steve as saying that when he awoke,he screamed for help for hours.A group of shepherds finally heard him and dug open the grave to pull him out.

But, their joy was short-lived and real tragedy struck when his mother and sister died instantly from the shock of seeing him alive, the newspaper reported.

'i wish I had remained 'dead' rather than cause the death of my mother and sister ',a tearful Steve was quoted as saying.

He told the newspaper he felt heavy blows to the back of his head when the shepherds were digging up the grave.'i open my eyes as if in a dream to see two persons over my head, one telling the other that I was alive, and then I woke up to the noise of other shepherds and the herd.

However, the newspaper did not pinpoint where the incident occurred and no other witnesses were mentioned.

'my experience with horrors of the grave makes me await death any moment, and now spend all my time praying and preparing for my real death', Steve said.
© Prince Milinyu