zombie viruso
A mysterious disease killed 95% of all humans. You survived by keeping to yourself and being alone. One day, you found a woman stuck under some rubble. She calls for your help and promptly does so. What happened next
she was in trouble her condition is going bad I am also in depression what is happening with that lady
I am going to help her but I realize my parents said who have bad condition that is of covid 19
but I can't keep her alone I break my promise and help her
she was vomiting a lot
and she was tottaly mad I think this is not happened when covid 19 here I think I am not a doctor I take her to hospital
doctor can't understand what happen to lady they give her oxygen
they take some time for me
they trying to question me
I also can't understand what happen
to her I can see her nerves her all body is transperent
2 hours ago
no one take her to home
like her family her father her relatives
i think no one know about this i try to reveal number from her to call and information
but she was not speaking
she said
run run they kill you they kill you all
I can't understand
she sleep
when I come to hospital I see that lady neck is full injured like someone bite I think this is not a covid problem in some minutes
she was doing uneven habits
she was eating tissues breaking things what happen to her and then she eat doctor i scared and run like train to Busan a zombie virus I scared and run
she ate all of city
all people changes in zombie
the end what you think about my story what happen in future