#SELIEDURH: #meetanewfriend
I've always wondered how varsity was going to be. I always imagined it would be different from high school. My high school life was incredibly awful. Let me take you down the memory lane. When I first got into high school I was with my BFFs, Zayto and Jada. They are both gorgeous and have great bodies. Boys liked them and not me. I wasn't bothered because I was not into dating back then. People would always contact me to get info on the girls. That was kind of annoying. Life was okay until 10th grade, when my first ever crush Anthony Milton invited me over. I was so convinced he liked me. Turned out he just wanted me to help him get Zayto. Funny thing, Anthony knew I liked him yet still did that. I was pissed and ended up distancing myself from everyone and anyone. My high school experience has been not the best. After that I became known as a SELIEDURH. Shameless, Extremely Lonely, Invisible, Extremely Disgusting, Ugly Real Human. I know! I am not even shameless nor disgusting. I was extremely lonely though and a real human. I was not so bothered about that. It got to a point where I ignored it all until people started blogging about me and shaming my interests. It got pretty tense I'm telling you. Forget that now. Today's my first time at college. I am kind of nervous but I know my life is about to get better. As I walk through the hall way, heading towards my room I bump into a girl. "I'm so sorry," she cries. She was so beautiful. Her eyes lit. She had a perfect body. I choose to stay away from people like her so I nodded and walked past her. I could feel she had her eyes rested on me. I look at my accommodation letter to see my room number. "S13," I whisper to myself. When I get to the room I noticed it is unlocked. My roommate must be here. I open to find 2 girls in the room. Great! 3 beds. Could things get any worse. One of the girls run up to me. "Hi I'm Jessie, " she squeals. "That's Ruby. We are all roommates." I nod my head as they both stare at me as if I'm suppose to say something. I turn my head and say, "Lovely weather!" I read commenting on the weather gets you by easily. They both stare at each other confused. Ruby walks towards me and says, "I think this is the part where you tell us your name too Roomie." Right! Where are my manners? "I'm Game!" Jessie looks at me with a huge smile, "You were named that because you like games?" Ruby looks at her confused, "Jessie they'd have to wait atleast 5 or 6 years to have that as a reason for naming her." Jessie nods her head making sense of what Ruby has said. "It must be because she was born while her mom was playing games." Ruby rolls her eyes. Seeming annoyed at how Jessie thinks. That made no sense. Although it makes a little sense if you think hard about it. Ruby says, "We should go out for the orientation. They will show us around. We don't want to miss that." We had out to where the seniors and lecturers are. Our tour takes for about 6 hours. As we are about to dispatch to our dorms I bump into someone. "I'm so sorry," she says. It was the same girl. She looks at me as if she knows me. "Hey it's you!" she yells. I hope she isn't someone I owe money. "We bumped into each other earlier." Great it's just that. "I'm Holy Heart, first year student of biochemistry." Now I have to introduce myself too. "Game DaMiola! Also first year student of biochemistry. " She looks at me excitedly, "We are going to be classmates. Come let's talk. We should be friends!"
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