babul nath temple
Babulnath Temple in Malabar Hill in South Mumbai is a Hindu temple in honour of Lord Shiva. It’s said to be 1,000 ft above sea level and, once you reach the temple at the top of the hill, it’s peaceful (unless, of course, it’s crowded with devotees – usually on Mondays). The temple has an installation of a Shivling: i.e. a ‘lingam’ (in Sanskrit) or a black stone representation of Lord Shiva, who is deified as the ultimate male in Hindu religion and mythology.

Babulnath Temple is said to be a few centuries old (the temple website says 200 years) and there’s a legend explaining how the Babulnath Temple came to be built. The temple architecture is worth admiring and I love the white colour. There are idols of other Hindu gods and goddesses around the Shivling and in adjacent temples in the temple complex on the hill. Since photography inside the main temple is not allowed, these are photos taken in/from the temple courtyard.