Lost love
In times when the Vikings reigned there was a small thriving village. The king and his daughter Asra were awaiting her soon to be husband. It was an arrangement her father had made to expand his colony for more resources. She was not completely unhappy with the man she was to marry as he was a fine burly stable man who wanted nothing but to protect her and the family, but there was something missing, he was not Odr, someone she had secret relations with and loved very much. Although he was the right hand man to her father, the leader for the raids and soldier for her father, he was not to marry Asra because he was still deemed a servant.
Asra would always wait on the grassy cliffs for Odrs ship to sail back on the horizon to greet her. One day he had come back a little later than expected and found the village lit up like a furious dragon. He rushed to find Asra and the King. Asras soon to be husband, Guerir was trying to help the king as he was struck by a falling log. Guerir called out to Odr "Please go find Asra and gather all the people you can on the boats. I'll get him on the ship!" Odr rushes out to find Asra. He passes through the choas of cries and finds Asra trying to get the horses and animals loose and some to the ship. She sees Odr and rushes to his arms for a big embrace "Where have you been!?" He has no time to answer her "Your father is injured you need to come with me now" fear crossed her face as they head back to the throne room where her father and Guerir still sit. Guerir is trying to stop the bleeding with ternicats but it's of no use. Asra rushes to them to help but can't hold back the tears. Her father looks at her very calm knowing he's not going to make it he takes Asras hand "My dear daughter, you will take my place and lead this colony to a new life with this man by your side" he joins Guerir and Asras hands together, Odr watches trying to be strong and professional he holds his composure. Asra doesn't want to believe what is happening and musters up her tears pulls away lightly to speak with reassurance "You'll be ok we just need to get you to the boat ok just let them take you, lets go you can't die on me here." The building is slowly turning to Ash and flames. "We need to go now!!!" Odr interrupts "I'm not leaving him here!" Asra exclaimed. Asras father holds tight to her hand. "I want to die where I made life. But I need you to keep going and rule. I am so proud of the woman you have become, your mother would be so proud. I love you" he kisses her hands and releases them to go. She hugs him tightly as Odr and Guerir escort her out. Her face is flushed with tears still trying to reach for her father.
They make it by the boats and Guerir turns to Odr and puts his hand firmly on his shoulder. "You deserve to run this colony you know more about it and what her father wanted. I need you to promise to watch over Asra though. I will take the rest of the people into my village and help there. I need to make sure my people didn't get hit either. If you should ever need me I'll be in the Eastern woods." Odr puts his hand on Guerirs' shoulder as well and looks him in the eyes with firm confidence and empathy "You have my word Asra will be safe as long as I am alive. Our people will head South and I'll meet you back to check up on your colony. Thank you for all your help." Guerir is relived and turns to Asra "I'm sorry I couldn't be the man you needed. May the Gods be with you both." he takes her chin and lightly kisses her cheek then turns to head towards a horse to rally the people left. Asra and Odr boarded the ship with what was left of the village. He took her hand as they stood side by side looking back at the last image of what their home was as they set sail for new land. They looked at eachother with all the emotions coming back from what had happened that day. Asra still managed to smile at him with love and relief in her eyes "Even though I lost my father and our home is destroyed, I'm really glad I have you and not marrying the man I don't really want to be with." He smiles back, takes her face and cups it in his hands and kisses her soft lips. They embrace for a few seconds and end with a long hug. He whispered in her ear. "I'm glad I have you too and am able to be open with my feelings for you now. I love you." she kisses him again "I love you too Odr. Our new life awaits!" He heads to the front of the ship to command and she heads to the people to help them recover their dispare and give them blankets.
A couple have passed and no sign of a decent amount of land. The people grow weak and irritable but they all try to keep good faith. Its getting dark and misty, the clouds are thickening in on them as they tread on. A storm is brewing in the horizon, the crew takes cover the best they can as the males anchor down for the winds thats about to come. Asra runs up to Odr "we need to find some kind of land soon. I don't know if the ship can take it" Odr smirks with confidence "This ol girl can take it, I'm more worried about the people. You should huddle down with them and brace the children for impact." She looks at him sternly "I want to stay with you! If you go down I go with you" He tries to hide his worry for her but accepts her decision and gives her a peck. "Ok my love, as you wish." As the storm rolls in on them the waters crash on the side of the ship knocking them back and fourth Odr is shouting orders as he tries to fight the fierce waves. Asra is trying to hold down the sails behind him as the ropes lash her around Odr grabs her back as she retains her footing again. The fight goes on for a while, the crew maintains their ground soaked from head to toe. Suddenly one more big blow comes at them almost tipping the boat but the crew manages to keep it up top. As the boat was being tipped Asra looses her grip on the ropes, Odr tries to go for her hand before she falls over but misses by an few inches "Asra!!!!!!!!!" He cries out as he watches her go over the side and into the dark blue water. She tries to fight the waves but gets sucked down deep enough to hit a huge rock from coral reef, she goes unconscious sinking deeper into the abyss. He stagers to rush to her and dives into the water fighting the current trying to find her in the dark with no luck panic overcomes him trying to find her while staying alive himself. A crewmate yells at him and tosses a rope "Captain! take the rope!!!!!!" He wants to keep looking but knows he can't, he takes the rope and climbs back aboard. Looking out where she fell he searches for anything, hoping she will come back to the surface. He comes up with scenerios in his mind to think she still alive somehow like :what if she just floated too far I couldn't see her: or :maybe she was able to hit a piece of land we didn't see:. Reality doesn't sink in until the storm stops. He turns his back on the deck away from everyone and looks out into the ocean. Tears start to fall down his face. "I promised you'd be safe as long as I am alive. I don't deserve to be left behind. Odin why do you punish me!!!!???" He yells out to the gods. He wanted to take his sword and pierce hisself but he couldn't do it because he knows that is not how a viking dies to get to vahalla. "I will find you again my love, we will be together again." He musters up his tears and prays to the gods for another life with her and vows he will never find another mate. He asks the gods that he keep his memories when he dies so he may continue to find her in another life, although she may not remember him he is determined to sweep her off her feet however many times it takes for her to remember him and love him as she did before.
And so his journey begins searching through time alone hoping for signs of his lost love.