school love story
Tanya reached school 🏫late that day All the students had gone for the assembly That's why keeping her bag 🎒in class, she too hastily started going to the assembly.
Then someone was calling from the corner of the class
hello... .hey u come here
Tanya -:me,??🙄
Sam - yes u
Tanya- ohk(smiling ☺️and confused inside) what happened why r u here???
Sam- i wanna tell u i mean ask u something (nervously).....
Tanya- ohk but we can talk later it's time to go..
Sam- no it's really important😓...
Tanya- okay then say
Sam- do u like me???...😓😓
Tanya- w...wha....what?!!...😯😮
Sam- what ww....wha...what? answer me😒
Tanya- n..no...no i don't and why r u asking this to me??!!!🙄
Sam- don't lie i 😏know u do
Tanya- who told u all this??? ur sister???
Sam- nooo.. i have been noticing u that u watch me secretly all the time I know u have feelings for me😉😉
Tanya - is it a dare or u wanna make joke of mine??? 😡
Sam- don't twist it just answer me u do or not???😏
Tanya- u wanna answer huh so yes I like u infact I love u
now u happy? ur dare completed???😡😠
Sam- it's not a dare infact I love you too❤️♥️☹️
Tanya- ur lies can not make me feel good i don't believe u
(She started leaving angrily😠😤)
Then all of a sudden Sam grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him.and kissed her cheek😘
Sam- now u feel good?? now u believe??
(Tanya was socked 😐😳 )
Sam- (says in her ear) you are the best girl for me.
do love me??
Tanya- ( surprised 😳 and most happy smiling inside😍😊) I have to go now (and she ran away )
Sam-(confused🙄🤔)!!!???hey listen...!!

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