A drunken love story
It's 11 o'clock at night, When the rainy season is almost over, the roads are lightly wet and I'm walking down a deserted street, Where, there is no one around. The streetlights were dimmed.

like a drunk, the breeze was blowing in front and behind.
I was wearing a thin shirt, and my whole body trembled at every gust of wind. My tears flowed like pearls all over the road. And wiping my eyes, suddenly a voice came to my ears, I thought someone was coming down the street, and I heard him talking to himself. Since I was alone on the street, I was a little scared, So I increased my walking speed, and then after going some distance, I saw that guy walking at the same speed. After a while,
I dared to stand up, and saw the man, who was wearing a white shirt and a Balck jacket, he had a bottle of wine in his hand, and he was talking to himself, sometimes crying and wiping his eyes. And when he came to me, suddenly it started to rain, we ran to the nearest bus stop and sat down.

He said, "Do you want some?"
I said, "no!"
He said, "But you look like you need to"
I said, "But I don't need it, and how do you know I need it?"
He said, "Well, I thought so when I saw you"
I said,"oh!"
I asked him, "What happened to you?"
He said, "The girl I have loved for 5 years has cheated on me, I've forgiven her a few times, but she does the same thing over and over again, and this time I can't,
am I the most stupid person in the world, why is this always happening to me?"

He started crying more, I was comforting him.

Then he asked, "What happened to you? You have tears in your eyes."

I said, "My boyfriend forced me to sleep with him. At the party. I left my jacket and car keys there."

He asked, "how long have you been with him?"
I said, "not more than 2 months"
I said, "Am I not worthy of a good relationship? I just wanted to keep our relationship forever, but God doesn't want that for me."

I started crying, and he comforted me, then I took the bottle of wine from him.

I said, "cheers! on being stupid."

Then the two of us finished the bottle together, we kept talking, then the rain stopped and we didn't leave the place. It was as if our conversation would never end, we were talking about other things, in that drunken state. He put his jacket on me, and then I fell asleep with my head on his shoulder, and after a while he also fell asleep. Suddenly the sun was shining in my eyes, so I opened my eyes and saw that there was no one beside me, I thought it was all a dream, but then I saw that I was wearing his jacket, I was confused, There was no sign of him, then my eyes fell on the jacket I was wearing, it had a piece of paper in its pocket, And there was an address written on that paper, Without thinking of anything else, I headed straight for that address, When I arrived, I was confused because there were so many houses, And I didn't know his name, so I couldn't ask anyone where he lived
Seeing someone on the street, I walked over to him, Then I saw that boy coming towards me too, so I stopped, It was as if he saw me and started running fast, I didn't understand anything, thousands of thoughts were coming to my mind, It was as if my whole body had stopped, my mind had stopped, I was just staring at him, Then when he came to me, I was going to ask him a lot, but suddenly before I could say anything, he kissed me. I don't know what happened to me, what happened to all those questions, I had a wonderful feeling. And then when he let go of my lips, my mind went blank, my questions seemed to be lost somewhere, and without thinking in any direction, I kissed him back. That environment intoxicated me, as if I had lost my consciousness, that feeling was different, I had never felt it before, Then when we let go of the kiss, we both laughed out loud, we laughed for a while,
Then I somehow managed to control my laughter, and said, "Your jacket, I came to give it back to you."
He said, "But this is yours from now on, because that's why we met again."

I smiled.

And we still have that jacket, We have been married for many years now, but our love is still the same as it was 25 years ago.

© Summer