If I was invisible for a Day
What would happen if you become invisible for one day? Write a poem imagining what you would do with such superpower.

In the middle of the hall
listening closely to their call
about the things they are gonna do
when we are all out of school.
all the pranks they are gonna play
especially on me at the end of the day

Now that they can’t see me though,
jokes on them, for real yo,
I can pull pranks without a care
without them knowing I was there.
they will wish they never pranked
since they are gonna be ranked.
the worst at all the pranks
now that I have all the fun
the jokes on them and they will be done
messing with me all the time,
causing me to make this ryhme.

(Just kidding none of this happened it was just fun to write 😂)
© Stacy A Parker