A confession to Joe
Dear Joe
I don't know where to start Joe but let's start here.
First day of school the teacher told me to seat right next to you, we were school mates back then so I already know your name. At the first few week it was all normal, things are normal and boring, I perceive the world as gray and blue. Not until my research teacher assign me in your group, at first it was fine until I got to know you. I was falling in the garden of love without me noticing, I felt comfort in your hugs, your words changed my perspective in life, and above all you changed me. It was my first time to be loved by some like you, it was my first time to be accepted by someone like you. You saw the best on me, but for me you are the most beautiful, most angelic being my eyes witness. Your hair glows like the mahogani trees, your smiles lightens up my shady world, and all I see in your eyes is pure love and intentions. As time passes by we became close friends we share secrets together you were there in my worst nights and brightest days, we became transparent to each other and we accept each other. I have kept this feelings for a long time but when the day comes that I have gathered all my confidence, I told you that I like you.
But the moment of silence broke the moment.
Then suddenly you told me you were taken, it broke my heart but you told me that we can be friends. So I sealed my feelings in Pandora's box just to be friends with you, we have been friends for a long time. But this time I can no longer hold it, the more I stay by your side the more I fall. I know I agreed with you that we are friends but I can't help my self, you know how to make me smile, you know me too much that my lies are almost worthless. I know this is wrong Joe you are taken and my only option is to leave, because this is the right thing. I wished I can say all this things to you but I know you won't understand, and now I'm hanging in the precipice of love trying to hold in not to fall. This may hurt me but I have to do what is right.
It is you who brought me to Joe, I thought it was just an ordinary place but I realized that it is not a place it is someone who you can call home. You are my Joe and will always be my Joe.
So my Dear Joe you may find happiness in your life. I may not your Joe but you are my Joe, it's just sad that your already somebody's Joe.

And for the very last time I love you Joe.

© you one