A Birthday Tale
Arjun's birthday had arrived, and Sarah decided to make it special for him. At around 12:11 PM, she sent him a "Happy Birthday" text. Surprisingly, he replied with a "Thanks da" within just 7 minutes, despite their usual lack of communication. Unaware of Sarah's feelings for him, Arjun seemed indifferent to their interactions.

Determined to make his birthday unforgettable, Sarah crafted a heartfelt poem. The challenge now was to obtain Arjun's residential address. After contemplating various options, she finally mustered the courage to ask him directly. Anticipating his potential inquiries, she prepared herself to explain her intentions.

To her relief, Arjun didn't question her motives when she asked for his address. He simply provided it. However, Sarah felt a pang of disappointment as he didn't show any curiosity about her request. Despite this, she persevered and decided to send her specially prepared poem to him.

Getting her father's agreement to send a birthday card to a boy without any questions amazed her. This incident reinforced her appreciation for her father's support. Sarah eagerly awaited the moment Arjun would receive the card.

The next day, Sarah called Arjun, her heart racing. Despite feeling nervous, she managed to ask him if he had received the card. His response was a simple "no," which left her feeling disheartened.

Sarah kept track of the courier's progress using the tracking ID. She reached out to the courier company and learned that the card would reach its destination by nightfall. Despite her efforts, Arjun's lack of acknowledgment left her feeling low.

Finally, Arjun messaged her a photo of the card with a "Thanks" caption. Sarah had hoped for a more personal connection, perhaps even a call from him. Disappointed, she couldn't help but reflect on the entire journey of preparing and sending the card.

She remembered how she struggled to find the right card at the mall, avoiding those filled with emojis and love quotes. The rain-soaked evening when she secured the card under her shawl added a touch of serendipity to her quest. With determination, she wrote her poem, ensuring it conveyed her feelings without causing awkwardness.

Although her efforts didn't lead to the response she had hoped for, Sarah chose to cherish the experience and the memories associated with it. The complexity of emotions she felt, the time and care she invested in making Arjun's day special, and the disappointment of an unreciprocated gesture were all part of her journey.

Sarah concluded by acknowledging that feelings can be inexplicable at times, and though Arjun might not remember her birthday, she continued to remember his. This unrequited experience served as a reminder of the intricacies of human emotions.

sometimes it really hurts, when you try to express your feelings but they simply ignore like nothing happened....

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