Kristen's Creation: Part 2

Kristen went to her desk and noticed a painting. It was a painting of a faceless girl on a flying brown horsewith light brown mane and a faceless boy who was flying on black horse with black mane. Kristen and Luca suddenly appeared on flying horses. Kristen, who didn’t like the brown horse that she rode on, said: “I could have painted a better horse for the girl.” As Kristen said that she fell of the horse and came back to the real world. Kristen and Luca stood in disappointment looking at the torn painting on the floor. “Congratulations” remarked Luca sarcastically. “Why don’t you just encourage me?” Kristen said in an annoyed voice. “I did, by congratulating you.” Luca said

Kristen noticed a bright paper on Luca’s back. “Turnover” Kristen said in an adventurous tone. It was yet another painting.

It was a painting of two pencils. The duo appeared in a colorless, empty world. They each had a pencil. Kristen lay on the white floor and drew a flower that instantly came to life in a colorful form. They realized that they were meant to form the world. Luca, who had bad drawing skills, tried to draw a cute puppy but instead drew the ugliest creature you have ever seen.

Kristen and Luca ran laughing until Kristen drew a wall to shield them from the monster. “You need to work on your drawing skills” Kristen said nearly choking from laughter.

Luca drew a rose that was so ugly that it came out as a dead sunflower. Kristen giggled then gave him a better rose that she had drawn. Kristen then held his hand and helped him draw a very stylish hat.

Luca drew a pencil with a face which came to life as a self-drawing pencil. The pencil drew monsters that chased them around he blank world. Kristen drew a spray bottle and wrote “Eraser Spray” on it. She sprayed it on the pencil, which faded away.

Finally, Kristen drew a portal that lead them out of the empty world. They both came out laughing and as Luca spotted the torn painting on the ground, he tore it into smaller pieces. As Kristen saw him tearing it, she punched him and he vomited. “Your gonna clean that up, Princess Lulu.” Then Kristen threw him a roll of tissue papers. “I’m hungry and my stomach hurts” Luca complained. Kristen looked in the empty cabinets and refrigerator. Then she looked in a bowl with a painting inside. “Well, you’re in luck” Kristen said as she pointed to the bowl. Luca quickly ran and grabbled the painting then it turned to food in his hand which he gobbled up.