the yokai blood cult day part 1[radioapple]18+
[OK MOTHERFUCKERS THIS IS GOING TO HAVE GORE METION OF EXTREME SEX AND SHIPS YOU MAY NOT LIKEAND LOT OF OTHER SHIT SO IF YOUR NOT 18 OR OVER LEAVE]So it was normal day in hell angel dust was working at the porn studio charile trying to reddem sinners and husker trying to convice alastor that he coudnt trust charile or whatever However hell was going to get a hell lot more chatioc deadly and life changing. Soon there was major announcement on VOXTECH. News EVERBODY EVACUATE I REAPET EVACUATE THIS IS NOT A DRILL A NEW SPECIES HAS BEDN DISCOVERED THEY ARE CALLED YOKAI BLOOD CULT THEY HAVE ALREADY CENSORSHIP KILLEX ROSIE blood was smeared all over rosies body dead a video soon appeared. ERRROR ERROR hello we are the yokai Blood cult unfortunately you're. friend didnt last long to tell you about out plan we area species of many you have killed many of our kind we were forced to move out to a complety different part of hell but not for long your leader ahem Lucifer and second in command. alastor my god Just fuck already anyway it will be a survival of the fittest if you are weak you shall see a see a blue tear on your face and kind will automatically kill you a sign of the suffering pain tears also it will be angels and demons alikewe Have endured it spread like a wildfire many angels prepared thier weapons as well as demons

charile forced alastor and alastor in. A room.at. The hotel[ alastor thouhys read thorough the story for thd reference i cant belive they told us to just fuck already im far much better than that disugting hot WAIT DID I JUST THINK THAT SHORT KING WAS HOT NO NO NO I CANOT AND IN THE MIDDLE OF A APOCALYPTIC STATE I HAVE TO PROCECT CHARILE AND THE HOTEL] part 2?

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