A mysterious disease killed 95% of all humans. You survived by keeping to yourself and being alone. One day, you found a woman stuck under some rubble. She calls for your help and promptly does so. What happened next is up to what you will write

Oh the cry for help,the agony and pain you can't numb from that voice.You could sensed how terrified she was to be buried under the rubbles.Her plea for help I cannot ignore.A life for a a life cos every life count.I will rather dare than to stare and she dies at the longrun.

So I started pulling of rubbles and all kinds of debris so I can reach out to her,I kept calling out to her that I'm coming for her so she should hang in there.I kept a steady conversation keeping her hope alive.But her voice started drowning I could barely hear her I screamed at her just to jostle her,I frantically worked faster so I can reach her.I'm sure the oxygen level has gone low.Oh God please dont let this woman die,please God help her that was the prayer on my lips.

Finally I caught a glimpse of her just a little more effort and I'll be there,so I pressed even harder,the coast is clear,I called out to her to stretch her hands and reach out to mine,using her last strength the grabbed my hands and I pulled her out.Oh my God shes .bleeding she actually had a deep cut on her right leg.Then I tore one arm of my shirt and use it to tie her leg to stop the bleeding.She opened her eyes weakly and smiled at me and ask why did you choose to help me?And i smiled back at her and told her every life counts and everyone deserves a second chance.

Right now I don't really care what happens to me I'm Soo glad I saved a life.

© The signature graceJ