The Open Window......Ep-4
It's already summer the Prince and Princess were still inside the cells of the Selena castle like an inmate for the sake of the Queen, they were so helpless that they agreed to the cruel Crown Prince's conditions. On the other hand the Crown prince did no effort in finding the Queen anymore and has emptied all most all the treasure of the dynasty. The Elysian dynasty was falling apart with the time.
Whole dynasty along with all the ministers and servants were in deep worry about everything especially about the Prince and Princess who were not even allowed to step outside the cells, they all felt sorry for them as both the heirs were someone who loved going out to play but now they were inmate because of someone's cruelness but there was a twist, the sympathy of the whole dynasty towards the heirs was actually meaningless because the agreement of living in the cells of the Selena castle was the well planned strategy that was planned by the heirs, everybody didn't know that both of them were actually the smartest Princes and Princess that has ever existed. Their plan helped them find so many things. They even found something that will help them to find the Queen. Their plan was a success. It was basically their plan to be inmate in the Selena castle form the very beginning to know the truth, to know about the Queen, to find her trace. The very first time when they saw the open window which had a word "Selena" written on it, they knew that it was related to the castle and also when after finding each and every corner of the dynasty, they got no clue their assumption converted into assurance. They intentionally poked the Crown prince to get kicked into the cells. The reason why they did it was because after scrounging whole Selena castle the cell was the only place which was left and it was also the place where the heirs were not allowed to enter. So, they made this plan for sake of thier Queen, the Elysian dynasty and its people. And they found something that they were longing for so long that gave them another shock.

To be continued.......
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