Man who hope with Love: Answer & Sacrifice of Love in the Love
Maanav was feeling frustrated sitting on the bridge, and he was immersed in deep thinking. He could not understand what was happening to him.
On the other hand, Priya was also sad that he finally went, why did he say something badger?
Priya calls Maanav a few times but Maanav was not picking up the phone. Priya sent the message "Maanav you talk to me I will answer your question."
Maanav read the message but did not react to anything.
Maanav had never been with him because he had started falling in love with someone, Maanav was feeling so sad for the first time, he never used to tell anyone his agony.
Hours later, Maanav sent a message to Priya, "I'm sorry I leaving you and left without heard you."
Priya reads the message and responds "Where are you right now? If you are at your house, is it okay? If not, then go to your house and send me a message."
As soon as the Maanav reads Priya's message.
Manav goes home and sends a message to Priya "he is at home".
Priya asks what do you want to know about me?
Maanav "Do you love someone?
Priya " yes, I love someone and both of us have been in this relationship for the last 9 years, for the last 1 year, he is not behaving well and he was not able to give me time properly. Finally, I spoke with him. And we have also been tied up, but if we were together for so many years, then it is difficult to forget. "
Maanav is sad to read Priya's message but he manages himself.
Maanav "So why didn't you tell me for so many days? What was the helplessness that you had to hide from me?
Priya "I never hid from you but you never asked me and I never share my heart with anyone. You are a good boy and you have everything that should be in a good friend, but you have my grief. There was no intention to join me, I was just trying to forget him, then you became friends, and felt safe with you. It was probably my fault that I should have told you about me. Please forgive me."
Maanav "Dear Priya, if you thought I was your friend then I should have told you this and it is my fault that I have not asked you anything and never tried to know about your past, I am still yours am the same friend as before. "
Priya "Thank you"
Maanav "What is the name of your boyfriend after all? Maybe I can talk to him if he agrees?"
Priya "No, you don't do anything like that because he is very angry and a bit irritable. His name is Siddharth".
Maanav "Okay but sure to meet me sometime"
Priya "After all is normal, and you are now asleep too. It has been quite a night. Will talk tomorrow. Good night."
Maanav was unhappy but he understood Priya, after all, truthful knowledge, Maanav thought a lot about Priya and finally, he started persuading his heart that she loves someone else.
Maanav now knowledge because No matter how much he tries to show love to Priya, Priya had only Siddharth in her heart and Priya considered Maanav only a good friend. Maanav had a love for Priya but he was ready to sacrifice his love for Priya and Siddharth and Maanav did the same.

"It is always vital to appreciate the love of another and to regulate your heart in front of it. "

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