Life Stone Heart breaker
Like hitting a rock with a hammer, life hits us hard sometimes. Tell us a story about the hardships in your life.
The journey is very difficult,
Where there was hope,
There arose a wave of cruelty,
Where love was expected,
There was a flood of hatred,
Got life but fighting for existence
That childhood also yearned for toys,
Childhood also passed in struggle,
At festivals, all the lamps were lit, and my mind sat burning,
I was very disappointed to see anybody's new clothes.
Wanted to fly in the sky but was helpless and helpless,
With every defeat, I felt shattered like a piece of glass,
When I was young, my lack of self-confidence did its job,
Got caught in a spider's web in the dark,
There were friends too, there was love too, but there was no one to understand,
The deception of love further broke the heart,
A silent river of sorrows slowly emerged inside me,
When it emerged more then the stream of tears started flowing while hiding,
When the pain increased, the heart also became hard like a stone,
But even life knows, taking a hammer and hitting my stone heart as if it will break my heart even more,
It is a very strange way, giving the sorrow of life, first, the stone makes the heart and then it works to break the stone.

© confusioncreate