Magic Touch
I respond to her whispers that touch. They enter my heart to find the resting place. Covered with silk sheets and rose petals tossed about. As the whispers pass through the soul releasing energy. She touched with her eyes the gaze hypnotize. Secured in a romantic space, moments later, her fingers touch the face. Touched by her wisdom, she's capturing unbelievable memories. Her intellect combines with her beauty, so divine. She touches when listening, heard every word, can repeat every line. The touch is believable, the package sent receivable. Touching like the dewdrops sprays. Heating up as the sun sends its waves. It began with the meaning of touching. And ends with immediate searching. For another touch from her hands. It's not enough to feel it once, imagining so much. To receive it again. Packaged in a decorated box with birthday wishes within. And a message attached with the imprint of her lipstick. The red lipstick kiss stored away as a gift. Magic touch.
© Daniel Mason