I blinked as I regained consciousness. I had hit my head hard, or had someone hit me? Then I realised I was holding a bloody knife in my hand.
How could I have done this? No the real question is why did you hurt me? I thought you were there to protect me for life? and shield me from this evil world, But just take a look at where you are now, lying in your own pool of blood.
What now do I tell the world? How on Earth would explain to the world that, The man I stood so proud of, I held my head high walking into any function and event, because I knew I had you, What do I tell my friends now ? That the man I once bragged about had r*pped me and I k*lled him in self defense? But I begged and begged and begged you, why didn't you stop? You took the only precious thing I had left,my pride and treasure,
But congratulations, You have successfully made me a Broken woman.
© Faith Itohan Joseph