"you're up"
I just had to go a little further, just a little further and all this would end.
The more I told myself that, the more of a pipe dream it became.
Buh I had hope, and so I wore that fake smile everyone loved and continued to suck it all in.
Life as an idol is one life I wished to never repeat.
I never got used to the disgusting people that cheered me on, I couldn't fathom out why the hell they made so much noise while I was singing.
"Earth to Rose, you have two minutes"
That was the call of pain. I still couldn't help but despise this life I made for myself. I wanted to reach the top so badly but I forgot the process was the main deal.
I adjusted my smile and graced to the stage filling the air with my presence.
Somehow I felt that my journey had only ever begun.
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