Story: Seeing by Eyes .
Story: Seeing by Eyes .

Do the eyes see? I don't think so. There are many variations of eyes. Cats and dogs can see in the dark at night. Birds can't, and we humans can't either. If not one eyed or blind, then all human eyes would probably see the same way, just as other living creatures see as per their eye designs. But the human eye can see different things from the same place at the same time. I understood from this story.

My friend, my friend's wife are on the back seat of the four wheeler, I am in the front seat and the driver is in the driver's seat, I am returning to see the girl for my friend's son's wedding. The speed of the car was good. Hot day , AC is running for a long time. In the afternoon, the sun seemed to be covered by clouds. So I said, what would happen if the AC was turned off and the window was opened? A bit of natural air could be had. Then I passed Barabazar. Everyone agreed, the car was moving with the window glass down, after a while the driver suddenly said 'Ore Bapre'. I say - what? Didn't you see the Bolero near the Bridge ?
Why what happened? Accident.
I asked my friend did you see? He says I didn't see anything.
I think your eyes must have caught the wind.
No, no I didn't sleep, my friend protested.
Hallow you see? The friend asked wife sitting next to him. She says-
I saw a restaurant, a huge oven was burning under a large cauldron. Looks like the cutlate, Beguni will be made .

I think none of us saw the accident Bolero , only the driver saw! Again I was sitting in front. So I got my eyes closed ! But how it can be ! Slight ago I took a photo with my mobile of smily sun when it reached near horizon .
Suddenly I remembered, just a few seconds before the driver Vikas made the sound , a 'place indicator board' came to my attention. I saw a rather strange name in it, something like 'Amruhasa' and I was busy mind researching what it could mean. So my eyes did not even see the accident car or the restaurant, which was easily noticed by the car driver for almost the same reason, i.e. the driver's vigil on the road and the car.
But the friend did not see anything! I knew it from him later, Iwill be saying it at the end.
I told my friend's couple that you didn't see the car either!
What she says is like this - In fact, I was thinking a little while ago that it would be fun to have a restaurant like this near our quarter, and he (your friend) was asking, but by that time it must have passed so I did not see it.

The matter of the friend was - in the new bride home had eaten a little too much , so his stomach was disturbing, he was preoccupied with how long would be able to freshen up when he reached home, so even when he woke up, could not see anything, the road, the car, the cauldron of the restaurant or the fire.

Then, from the same car on the way, at the same time, one saw an 'accident car', one 'a restaurant' and one saw a 'village name board' and one saw 'nothing at all' although everyone were awake, isn't it funny?

16.06.2024. Nimdih( Original Bengali)

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