Take Good care of your mother
Growing up, John never realized the value of having a mother. He took her presence for granted, never thinking much of her tireless efforts to make his life better. Her sacrifice, her dedication, her selflessness all went unnoticed by John.

It wasn't until his mom fell critically ill that John's carelessness all began to hit home. The burden of caring for his sick mother suddenly fell on John's shoulders, and he was unprepared for the task ahead. He found himself in a world of unknowns, struggling to keep up with the enormous responsibility that his mother had once borne so effortlessly.

John soon realized that it wasn't easy being a caregiver. He had to juggle between his mother's doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, and her daily needs. He found himself hurrying home after work to tend to her needs, losing the peace of mind he had taken for granted.

His mother constantly reminded him to take good care of himself so that he could take care of her, but he seldom heeded her advice. It wasn't until he started experiencing bouts of exhaustion and sleep deprivation that he realized the importance of her advice.

Despite all his efforts, his mother's illness took a turn for the worse. She had to be hospitalized for a more extended period. John found himself spending most of his time at the hospital, watching her fight for her life. He saw the pain and suffering she was going through and finally understood what he had been taking for granted all these years.

It was in the hospital room that John discovered the power of the love between a mother and child. His mother’s unwavering love and strength helped him through the difficult times, and her words of encouragement encouraged him to keep fighting for her.

As he watched his mother recover, John realized that he had been given a second chance. He vowed to cherish and take care of his mother, to never take her for granted again. The roles had been reversed, and he understood the importance of taking care of her, just as she had taken care of him for all those years.

In the end, John came to realize that taking good care of your mother is not just an obligation, but a responsibility, a privilege that he would carry on with pride for the rest of his life- a responsibility they always forget until when they have to face the consequences.