Could Be A Dreamy Night
Instilled in his mind is the motion of her hips, swaying delicately as she paced forward towards his stance. He heard no other sound but the music of her footsteps, giving beats inside him like the blast of his favorite R&B song. Slowly, she walked down the aisle as if the dusty cold floor was a long red carpet, artfully messed with confetti.

And he smiled.

He was like a groom, waiting in tears, staring straight at the white-gowned bride whom he'd share vow to live together until death. He saw no other light, but the crystals in her eyes, giving his soul the brightest color of the spectrum as if everything was set to be a dreamy night.

It ought to be a dreamy night.

But the more steps she took, his heart fainted. Even from afar, he could tell that she ain't bringing good news. He could tell by how her hips don't sway exactly the same as to how it does when she greets him like a marathon athlete, claiming the bouquet and kisses he brings during the day ends.

He could tell by how her sandals sounded doubtful while she marched the hallway as if she would escape anytime soon like a runaway bride who changed her mind in the last minute.

And he could tell that the crystalline eyes of hers were the tears she was holding back, not the glimmer of affection anymore.

And he smiled bitterly.

© mhaxnxy