Love- A second chance
I am Aurora currently 24 years old, I am a writer and compiler I moved to Mumbai the city of dreams to pursue my dream of writing. I have black eyes and black hairs, and when I smile I get a dimple, many boys calls me as a dimple girl, I am very famous for my writings. Many people follow me on social media accounts. My book the echoes of my heart, was about to publish on Valentine's Day, I used to believe in Valentine's Day but, my first love Charlie broke my heart, we were highschool lovers and Charlie had told me how he wanted to become a lawyer, it was his dream. But suddenly one day I went to his house and the door was shout it seems that their family has moved out of the town I tried to connect with Charlie via calls, messages and other social media accounts but, Charlie abonded me and disappear. It took me 4 months to come out from the pain and this ugly past. Now I don't believe in love but, still love is a beautiful feeling it needs to be acknowledged and the efforts should be from both the sides.

On Valentine's Day at 5 pm I was going to my publishing house for some urgent work related to my book. I took a taxi as I was already late. The city lights and the honking of vehicles, I can already spot lovers confessing their love for each other. The sky was turning purple, it seems like the setting sun has kissed the blue skies and they are blushing hard. I took a taxi and the driver asked me, there are two ways to reach your destination ma'am, which one would you prefer ma'am ? I replied, holding my breath for a moment, Sir, which one is the fastest way to reach, I am late and running out of time I replied, catching my breath. The signal turned green, and driver drove the vehicle on highway saying that this one is a shortcut. I turned myself to inform my friend about the taxi number, and it turned out that my phone was dead. I sat in the car, my legs shaking in my shoes. After a while, the driver pulled the car and said, Ma'am we have reached your destination, the driver said. I get out of my car and I see myself standing in the middle of the dense forest, I turned my back towards the driver, but it seems that he had covered his face with a mask and.... Before I could run or do anything else someone stabbed a rod right onto my head and I fell down. After a while I saw myself in a room with my legs tied to chains and I tried to open my eyes, but my head felt dizzy finally I took some courage and open my eyes.

There was a man standing in front of me, he was 6ft tall and he had covered his face with mask but his voice felt very familiar it seems that he knows too much about me. He casually walked upto me and gave me a glass of water which I drank in one go as I was extremely thirsty. " Hii Aurora, he said with a devilish smirk across his face, I hope that you've not let go of me, I hope that you remember me he asked, "I replied my head lowering down, I am sorry I don't know who you are, please let me go I said with tears in my eyes. He said, I can't let go of you so easily. Aurora murmured, how do you know me? We were old enemies, do you remember me he asked while removing the mask from his face, Aurora screamed, Charlie.... You? What are you doing here, why have you held me hostage... What do you want from me?

[ The past ]
[Charlie and aurora were highschool lovers but Charlie left aurora and never came back, she believed that Charlie didn't loved her anymore and finally she had to let go of her past. Holding onto something that hurts you, let go of it before it breaks your soul apart. Charlie was a past! Finally she moved on & tried to live life for herself and not for somebody else. ]

The moon was shining in the sky, and there were fireworks celebrating the essence of love on Valentines day! Charlie came close to Aurora, she felt goosebumps on her skin, something that reminded her of their past, their relationship and the love that they had shared. Their eyes meet in the dark room, as Charlie went close to Aurora, and replied, I am soory Aurora, I know that I don't deserve you, but could you please give me a chance? This time Charlie was serious his eyes had all the tears, and he broke down in front of aurora. He know that your book echoes of my heart is all about love, relationship... And it has broken record on internet I hope it will turn out to be one of the bestseller of all the times. He replied. Aurora questioned Charlie why did you abonded me, I never abonded you, aurora I never meant to hurt you, but my family was in problem, how could I have left them when they needed him the most, His dad had been a prime suspect for a murder case, so we took our belongings and left home I don't wanted you to bear the pain of being called as A murders girlfriend. He replied his voice shaking, as he took a strand of her hair and put it back, their lips meet and Aurora finally gave in and kissed Charlie. They both got back together and were very happy.

© alpha stella