#WritcoRapidPrompt1Write a short story from your past that involves light or darkness in some way.
Write a short story from your past that involves light or darkness in some way.

Growing up there was never really any light at the end of the tunnel. only darkness all around.
Every Christmas we already knew what to expect clothes as presents from our grandparents that we would never wear.
Or we would've gotten made fun of. Or the IOU that we received from our parents cause every year there was some excuse as to why they were broke that year.
Even though it seemed like all they did or atleast our dad did was work.
He left super early every morning and never returned until dark.
Receiving an IOU that you knew you could never turn in to receive what is was written out for either.
So every Christmas it was something my brothers and I didn't look forward to like all the other kids did every year.
It was just another holiday we liked to try to sleep threw. So it would go by faster and we could go on with our lives.and try to forget about.
Going back to school after the holidays was even worse. The kids all showed off there new stuff as we sat there in the same old clothes and shoes with no new stuff to show off to anyone.
So it's like we stayed in the back of the classroom as invisible as can be. Hoping and praying the teacher or a friend wouldn't call upon us to share anything.
Unfortunately it was like that for every holiday or birthday. We didn't ever and I mean ever have a birthday party of any kind. We went to a few of our friends party's like I remember our best friend had a huge skate party one time. That our dad went to with us and embarrassed us the hole entire time. and we were even more embarrassed cause we showed up with no presents to give unlike everyone else.
thankfully it was our best friend so she already knew and tried to explain it wasn't a big deal. allthough it was to us.
See in my life there was no light. it was always dark nothing happy. or anything to look forward to.
I wish my life would've been much different.
As an adult now it still feels the same way most times. I guess it's just my mindset.
because its what I'm just so used to.
I pray in my next life it be totally different in every aspect of my life. And there be A big bright light at the end of the tunnel.

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