Man who hope with Love: First Gift In Love
It was Maanav's birthday and he woke up late in the morning as it was a Sunday, and there was also an official holiday.
Maanav went and touched the feet of his parents first and the parents also blessed him.
Maanav has got the gift of happiness to spend a few hours in the morning with his family.
Maanav was playing a game on his mobile phone when Dhaara's message comes.
Dhaara "Is it a birthday party at home?"
Maanav "Otherwise, only good food will be cooked at home"
Dhaara"can I come also to join the feast?"
Maanav "Yes absolutely come, tell me when are you coming?"
Dhaara "What would you tell your family that I like you?"
Maanav "I will tell you about our relation, then rate how?"
Dhaara " Maanav I am just kidding, but I love you a lot, will you meet me outside the city garden?"
Maanav "Yes, I am free today, tell me what time to meet?"
Dhaara "3 p.m."
Maanav "ok"
Dhaara "Now I have some work, I will meet you at City Garden at 3, Love you so much"
Maanav "I Love You Too"
A few hours later, Manav was on his way to City Garden when his friend Monty meets him.
Monty "Where are you going to stop?"
Maanav "going to meet a friend in City Garden"
Monty "Brother, do you have any friends other than us, otherwise from where this new friend was born?"
Maanav is a college friend who has come for the first time to our city today.
Monty "Okay, will you drop me at the first electricity office of City Garden, because my motorcycle has a puncture, so you can do it."
Maanav "Okay but how to come back again?"
Monty " duffer I will get auto "
Maanav "ok sit on the bike"
Maanav dropped Monty outside the Electricity office and Manav parked the motorcycle in the parking lot outside City Garden and waited for Dhaara.
After a few minutes, Dhaara also comes to the parking lot.
Maanav smiles a little seeing Dhaara and both of them hug and start kissing. Both of them realize that they are standing in public parking, so they keep some distance.
Dhaara "I have brought a gift for you, maybe you will like it."
Tears come to Manav's eyes because no one had ever given him a birthday gift to Manav.
Dhaara"Hey why are you crying, just see the gift"
Maanav "No, I was not crying, I was just thinking why are you so nice to me?"
Dhaara "I will fix everything, now open this gift, I want to see how I like you?"
Maanav opens the gift and there is a shirt in it.
Maanav "How much money did you spend on this shirt?
Dhaara "My everything is yours and you are mine, and you never ask me the price of the gift, my dear.
Knowing that Maanav was obsessed with happiness, he was very happy because of Dhaara's gift.
Maanav's "I Love You So Much"
Maanav hugs Dhaara and she also starts joining in his happiness of him.
After some time Dhaara goes to her house and Maanav also starts going towards his house.

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