happy ever after
You came across someone whom you thought was the "One", but instead just wants to purposely mess around. Write something that would turn this story into an explicit ending. one day I was walking in New York to go shopping for clothes and I ran into the most gorgeous man I have ever seen he was Mexican with green eyes dressed like a cowboy absolutely handsome we bumped into each other I dropped my bags as I drop my bags you bend over and pick them up and looked at me and said hi in Spanish how are you today hola como estas me llamo Juan and then he said my name is 1 and I said my name is Angelique mucho gusto we change numbers he asked me if I could give it to him and I gave him my number said why not I'm single he single we should get to know each other well later on that night he texted me and said hey what are you doing I said nothing and he said you want to hang out that's a sure why not come over to my place and he said he'd be there around 8:30 I got dressed I clean my house made it look nice I was ready Alex good I'd like to Taz out it on and I waited and waited and waited and waited and you never showed up he stood me up the green-eyed Mexican stood me up I was pissed so I texted him and said do you remember me the one you said you were going to meet up with at 8:30 and you replied who is this I'm with my wife right now and I was like okay I guess I got the wrong number I was pissed he was married so I was going to get revenge and I got revenge I searched did number found his address where he lives his family his wife's name everything and I went to his house to tell his wife what he had done and I knocked on her door and she opened the door and it was his fat short ugly woman I thought it was his mother but it was his wife anyways I had to be very upfront and tell her what he had did that he traded me up with me and he got my number and I didn't know he was married and that I was very sorry and she was upset too I felt bad but I had probably always doing that to her so I was getting my revenge well after that I left and went home and I had I guess somebody cuz I left my number with his wife if she needed to talk to me and she had hit her brother call me I guess and his name was Eduardo she called and said no can you please explain to me again cuz my sister does not speak English very well and I told him yeah well I walked into one over there in the New York strip and he asked me for my phone number and was telling me how he wanted to hook up with me well we set a date and he never showed up or so that I can but he never showed up he stood me up and he's like oh well why would he stand up a beautiful lady I was told by my sister that you are very beautiful and I giggled and I said Thank you thank you very much gusto and after that I hung up with him and later at home that week man I had called or texted I texted and he said hi I don't know if you remember me but I'm real sad videos brother Eduardo I would like to ask you if you would like to go on a date well I told him I don't really know you but I'm not going to be stood up like your other friend did and he laughed and he said no I'm a man I'm a man of my word and I will be there on time what's your address so I gave him my address and when it came to the door to get me on that Thursday the bell the bell rang again and I said I'm coming and open the door and when I seen him he was handsome tall green eyes also and he actually showed up and is a man of his word and we wound up hitting it off we went out of their dancing and dinner music and after that he walked me to my door and was a perfect gentleman and I gave him a kiss on his cheek and tell him goodnight and I hope to see you again and it looks like this has turned into something better than what it was and then a year passed he asked me to marry him or waffle did and I and I said sure I would love to be your wife and we wound up being married and having kids and living happily ever after and not once did he ever stand me up I'm thinking I am very lucky that stood me up that night
© Betty miller