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Siren Head
There were rumours about really loud sirens and random numbers in a small town, people called it "Siren Town"
An investigator called Tim Howard, he recorded a tape minutes before his death and there was only one sound,
I went to the forest where Tim died and searched for clues,
i found his camera and the video recorded a creature 40 feet tall that had sirens for head it was playing loud sirens and saying random numbers Tim was running but one thing i learned is if you hear the sirens you're already dead, Inside the sirens it had teeth, i think that's how it eats.
The next day i went back to the forest set the cameras and waited, i heard an old broadcast and it was close to me then i heard sirens and started running well... I didn't hide because i learned that it can smell me.
When i got out of the forest i went to my car and drove really fast i went past a cemetery and i saw something getting up from the ground, it was siren head i stopped the car pulled out Tim's camera and took a photo, I left the town immediately.
The next day 12 july 1997
I went back and warned everyone in the town they didn't believe me so I sawed them the video, we immediately left the town and noone warned the police because i told them.
Today it's 6 july 2006
I went back to "Siren Town" noone came back, I hear sirens and came to see the beautiful sun and sea "Siren Town" has for the last time, If anyone is reading means I'm dead.

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