I was born to an orthodox brahmin parents, after being spent number of years in college in other state ,i was heading towards my village and on that day in the very entrance of my village i saw an angel accidentally with fully covered hijabi face while the aggressive wind removing it in a fraction of seconds, i just got stunned looking at her face meanwhile she started looking at me for a while but she suddenly started covering her face and ran away calling her friends,

after seeing her face ,i went to home thinking of her face while ignoring my mom's affectionate gestures.

From that incident i started to think her whereabouts , in this regard i got the help of my gardener ,who gave me some hints while getting much tension (may be he knew it was difficult task for me to get her!) that she belongs to muslim community and she was the daughter of so and so, i felt excited to see her and the very next day i went to same place where I saw her, but on that moment i had to show my logical thinking to find out her among the group of muslim collge going girls wearing same colour hijabs that was the mammoth task to me ,but i followed one girl while heartfully assuming that she was the girl i had seen yesterday, suddenly drizzling started with heavy winds ,i approached her and tried to talk with her but she started moving fast ,then held her hand and said "I dont know whats urs name I donno where u live but I was still saying something, she began to cried alot and while pulling her hand then i got a doubt and see her face OMG she was not the one i had been searching, i said sorry and tried to console her but she didn't stop her crying then i just ran away from there and meanwhile i was heard loudfull laugh behind me yes it was she who was spectaating me from the beginning ,then i tried to approach her, she fly way like a butterfly.....but the smile gave me sense of hope that she too loving me as i loving her, finally while imagining her I reached my home.

My dad: "its enough to go to college, just get married as yours brother and live in our village"
Me: "I dont want to marry"
My dad: while giving fiersy looks "say did u get any hindi speaking girl in Bombay??
Me:"no not like that"
My dad: "good I know u never do such things which spoil ours culture and respect in ours village and in ours caste"..

remaining story would be in next part

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