Shephali part- 4
In next two weeks I have to go to my matarnal house for some reason , when I came back my mother in law opened the door with a gloomy mood. I wish I had never left the house in that time . I found Shephali in the drawing room she was still crying and shivering in fear .
So the summary of what my old lady told was Subodh's sisters came to their place with some guests when they introduced shephali as their care taker if their son. Because a priest's daughter is too small to be their sister in law. When he heard that subodh made a scene and about to leave the house. Today when sephali is boiling the milk a fire caught in the achanl of her saree . According to her one of her sisters came to the kitchen to drink water, when she told her about the fire. So as a common assumption it is them who did fuss. Now our residence is more comfortable for her until tomorrow.It was a good thing that Subodh was in the office that time or there will be a life to death problem.
I took her inside my room changed her clothes and whipped her hands, toes and forehead with a wet garment . I fed her and slept next to her that day.
She started to tell me her story how she was adopted by priest when she was only 2 months old. She studied until 10th but never missed a day of serving to the goddess in the temple whome she thought of as her own mother. How a servant of the Mandir committee harassed her here and there . When subodh came to her life and became the one who trusts her feelings. One day while returning from a metting with subodh that beast caught her in the middle of the road and destroyed her virginity. She has nothing to do about that because if she did a police case then her father will lose the reputation From that day she took an oath that she will rise to the level where no one can insult her anymore. Looks like she got insulted here again.
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