Battle Lines Drawn (Part 2)
The Battle of the Bands was a cacophony of flashing lights, screaming fans, and raw emotion. Kay and Leo took the stage, a united front against Sparks. Their opening song, a powerful anthem they'd written together, was a declaration of independence.

"This is for those who dared to dream their own dreams," Kay belted, her voice soaring above the crowd. Her eyes met Raven's for a fleeting moment, a challenge blazing within them. The audience roared in approval.
Across the stage, Raven's emerald eyes narrowed. Blaze's drumming faltered for a beat, his gaze locked on Kay and Leo. The energy between them crackled like a live wire.

"You were incredible out there," Leo leaned into Kay as they walked off stage, his voice warm. A blush crept up Kay's neck despite the cool stage lights.
"We were electric," she countered, a playful glint in her eyes.

Backstage, the Sparks dressing room was a warzone.
"What was that out there, Raven?" Blaze spat, his voice laced with anger. "You barely sang a note!"

"We lost, Blaze," Raven retorted, her voice laced with venom. "Maybe if you hadn't been too busy mooning over Kay to focus on drumming—"
"It wasn't about me!" Blaze roared, finally snapping. "It was about you sabotaging the band because you couldn't handle Kay getting the spotlight!"

The dressing room door swung open, revealing Crimson, oblivious to the tension.
"So, are we gonna celebrate? We almost won!" she chirped.
The silence stretched, thick with unspoken accusations. Raven glared at Blaze, her heart a tangled mess of jealousy and betrayal.

"Celebrate?" Blaze scoffed. "This is hardly a time to celebrate, Crimson."
Across the hall, the mood was electric. Kay and Leo were celebrating their victory, fists bumping and laughter echoing through the air.

"This is just the beginning, Kay," Leo said, his voice a low rumble. He leaned in closer, his eyes sparkling with something more than camaraderie. "We're gonna take the world by storm, together."

Kay's heart hammered against her ribs. A thrilling mix of fear and excitement bubbled within her. As their eyes met, the music faded away, the world shrinking to just the two of them. In that charged moment, she knew this wasn't just about music anymore.

Suddenly, the announcement boomed through the hall. "The final round... Sparks versus Shadows!"A jolt of adrenaline shot through Kay. She glanced at Leo, a silent challenge in her gaze. With a slow, deliberate smirk, she grabbed his hand and they walked back onto the stage, ready to rewrite the ending.

The final song was a masterpiece of raw emotion and electrifying guitar riffs. As the last note faded, the entire venue held its breath. Then, as if on cue, Leo leaned down, his lips meeting Kay's in a kiss that was both fierce and tender. The crowd erupted, their cheers echoing through the hall. But amidst the chaos, a single, furious voice cut through.

"Raven!" Blaze roared, his face contorted in rage. "What did you do?"
Raven stood frozen, a cruel smile twisting her lips. In her hand, she clutched a crumpled piece of paper – the setlist for Sparks' final song. The song they never played. The song Kay mysteriously knew all the lyrics to.

"What are you talking about, Blaze?" Raven's voice was a sickly sweet purr. "We just lost fair and square."
Blaze wasn't convinced. He narrowed his eyes at Raven, a seed of doubt planted deep within him. But before he could press further, Crimson bounced between them, oblivious to the dark secret Raven held.
"So, what's the plan for the tour?" she chirped.

Raven's smile faltered for a fleeting moment. Tour? With Blaze this suspicious? A cold dread settled in her stomach. She needed a plan, and fast. But as she stared at the crumpled setlist in her hand, a wicked glint returned to her eyes.

"Don't worry, Crimson," Raven said, her voice laced with false reassurance. "We'll be ready."
Later that night
The adrenaline from the performance had worn off, replaced by a cold anger in Kay's stomach. Backstage, she overheard a conversation between Raven and Blaze that confirmed her suspicions. Raven had stolen her song, a personal anthem Kay had written years ago.

When confronted, Raven denied everything, her voice dripping with fake innocence. The anger in Kay burned hotter than ever.
"Fine," Kay spat, her voice tight. "If you won't admit it, then I'll get even another way."

She stormed over to Leo,

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