Little love
Episode: 58
Mom I am ready let's go , what a surprise my sister mahi prepared soon, Its already too late mom don't waste your with Neha , come and get inside the car mom. Yeah mom talking with me is waste of time for her but talking with dev is very important to her. Hey Neha be quiet, drive the car daddy, I am going to sit near with daddy. Daddy am I like you or mom , mahi you have both of us qualities dear. Dev ne normal do not do over react, I am normal only I am just thinking about the task . What task dev? Mahi assigned me a task I am thinking about it, mom did Neha family reached the shop . They are on the way I already talk to them, dad drive little bit fast . My dear younger son I know why your so eager, dad don't leake the company secrets. This is the shop we are going to purchase here only for us all dev. See already dev family come before us , hi aunty , hi my both daughter in law's. Its your function so dress for you , mahi how is it ? it's very nice , you didn't see the dress properly but you are saying good. Where is your focus now? Oh you are talking with dev through signals carry on. Dev are you ready for the task yes I am ready , I am going to show you many dress from that you find out my favourite dress okay. Sure I complete the task successfully, let's see what you are going to do. Sir show me the dresses, try this colour mam you look so pretty. Dev tell me which is my favourite dress ? That yellow colour dress , are you sure , yes I am damn sure. Mom I go and try this dress , Neha come with me I need your help take your dress and come. Dev where are you going there , I am going to see my wife in that dress first , but men's are allowed there. I am not going in bro , I am going to just stand there . Neha wait here don't go anywhere okay, I don't go anywhere I am standing outside only, so try this freely. Dev call Neha , Neha mom is calling you, tell mom why did you call me , we all see rihan in this suit you only balance, tell how is the suit for him. It suits for him very well, neha what are you doing outside, I am calling you for a long, please come in I need your help. Come in Neha , hey mahi it's me . Dev what are you doing here ? Why did you come in ? I didn't come in , you pulled me inside while I am trying to say sis is not here. What help did you need tell I help you, you can't able to help me , first go out of this trail room . You only pulled me in but now you are telling me to go it's not fair my wife. You look so gorgeous in that dress mahi, dev let's talk about it later let's go out first , if others see us like this means mistaken us , no one come this side . First tell me did I win in that task or not , I tell it latter go.
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