Taste of life
Hi I am a person with lot of emotions and tastes. I would like to share a super combination of foods and my feeling in that time...
When I will eat halwa i will remember Gujarat. For Idlysamar Tamil nadu, bavbaj Maharashtra, vadapav delhi, rasmalia West Bengal, Biryani Tamil nadu again, kili odissa, ladu tirupati, kalakand kanipakam, pankam vijawada they are many more from India.
whenever I eat cake I will remember US, for pizza Italy, soups Mexico, starters U. K., coffee Netherlands, and soon.
Whatever I tasted just remembered me places but i never estate to share with others. Only share one kind of joy that is more precious than anything. Atlast but not least I loved honey cake, jackfruit biryani, mushroom briyani, sweet corn fried rice, kaddai paneer with a pulka, veg manchuriya, chicken puff, kimma pakoda, adukodipullusi with ragisankati, kere, kere rolls, basen lodu and so on.
I will just enjoy the real taste in nature.I will eat sweet that must be with natural sweetness, for spicy food they must really spicy more I love dal rice and ghee eating in presence of moon near seashore with my family. That seems to be a candle light dinner this gives everyone a beautiful and romantic feelings and brings a beautiful smile on their lips. That is known as enjoyment of life this plays a major role and gives you a boost in your life till the end. one more love yourself and keep on smiling till the end.
Have a nice day❤😊❤😊❤

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