Hii guys, hope you're doing good. Well, this is a horror story which involves vampire. So, read at your own risk.


A cold night......There appears a scary mansion infront of her. She was adamant to not let that go. That screeching sound, opening and closing of the windows are just scaring her to the core. A big tree stood there having all scratches on it. She was afraid.....All afraid. But she didn't want to lose the DARE that her friends gave.

She slowly entered inside the mansion. It was dark. She turned on the torch. There it was all untidy and broken glasses scattered at the corner. Her dare was to bring some thing from the house which seemed old just like the house. She searched the house but in vain.

She found the stairs so she started climbing them.

Then she found some....... BLOOD STAINS on the stairs.

She screamed out loud.


Soon, she composed herself. Then she heard different different sounds echoing all over the place. But she was adamant to let go of that so called DARE. She still went on till she reached a room. It was freaking quiet then. The door opened itself making a big sound.

She was still scared. Then a thunder was heard. A lighting flashed. She saw a man face wasn't visible but shape was. He.... He had..... Fangs. She thought she was hallucinating. But no..... It was all real. He was real, his fangs were real, the house was real. She was soo dumbstruck that she dropped the torch. The man looked towards her. She realised he was a REAL VAMPIRE.

She screamed, ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But all in vain. She was caught sneaking.

The man said" Trespassers are not allowed, you'll be punished..... Little girl"

She was running not caring about what he just said. She regretted coming into that mansion. She was deeply thinking what wrong had been committed by her. She didn't stop running and eventually fell down from the stairs rolling to the ground. The vampire said " THE LITTLE DOLL.... HAD A GREAT FALL" and laughed out loud.

The blood was oozing out from her head. She wasn't able to get up. Soon, she heard footsteps behind her.

" You did a grave mistake by coming here" he said. She was trying hard to get up. Seeing the blood, the vampire came forward and bended down to her level and took her in his arms. Only to......... Bite her.

He bit her on the neck. She screamed ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And passed out.

Later, she woke up on the road. Blood still oozing from her head and neck. She held her head. She saw her surroundings and understood she was out of the mansion. Thanking the vampire, she went on in her way to find her friends. Now, she'd never go to the mansion again. She soon spotted her friends playing as if nothing happened. She went near them.

" Sara...... Tomy...... Miah....... "

But none of them responded to her. She felt that they were angry on her as she didn't complete the dare. She went forward and touched them. Only to not feel them..... She listened her friends talks. They were grieving for some reason. That's when sara says" we shouldn't have gave her that dare, or else she would have been with us now.

She was thinking that she was with them then how come they all can't see her.

Tomy" she is no more now. What do we do ? Can we say the truth to her parents? "

Miah" no, how can we do that? They can get us arrested? No...no.. I'm not in this"

Realisation hit her hard. She was no more now. She was dead. Which means she was a ghost now. She stared at her friends who were thinking not to inform anything about their to anyone. She remained silent and let the things go as the way it was. Then a light flashed. She was called. She went away happily.

Everything was real. Everyone were real. Only she was unreal.


© Melody