Different Between "Death And Life"
Life is a worth living to it's fullest and gives you some leason to learn from as we progress through it.
Life is a race, yes life is indeed a race, some people get life easy n some people get it hard. Sometimes we feel like life is useless n sometimes we feel like is worth because life is not easy as u see it. The most important thing in life is "Love," but love accord to how people love u, Death is meaningless n meaningful because when u are dead u can be free from this world, a world that's cruel to exist that the living people are praying to die. This life is up n down because u can be rich today n be poor tomorrow, what I believe is that Never Give Up because the more u try the more u know, I know many people are broken n scattered but what I can tell them is Never loose hope because the one who even created the world said: In Christ, we are never without hope, so how can u loose hope when your creator still has hope.
_ Charming Girl
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