What should I write now?......
Hello to all my Writco friends,

This is my favorite platform for writing
I want to write something to you all I felt alone for many days I felt discouraged myself and I felt negative vibes now. No one likes my writing now what should I write? What should I write I looked at my pen and my notebook and started thinking about something........
Now, I'm thinking about the story 'The Pain in My Knee' I have only 9 likes on this story. Should I start with plays? Or poems?
Confusing Mode.
Me: What should I write now? I wrote nothing.
My mind: You should give up for now if you can't think.
Brain: What are you gonna be mad? You Shouldn't give up on your writing. You should write for now.

I ( thinking about the story and lost in thoughts)
Later, my two friends Mind and Brain tried to wake me up from my imagination.

Mind: Wake up! Wake up, writer.
Brain: "Do something! Write something now. " My Brain ordered me.
Me: What should I write first?
Brain: Write something more creative. You should write creative things that your readers are impressed with your writings.
Me: Okay so I need to write something creative.

(Later, they both left the room and closed the door behind me and I was writing looking down at my notebook and pen, and started thinking again).
I started thinking again...... What should I write to attract my readers from my writing? I have only 10 likes in my previous post my Story 'The Pain in my Knee'. Should I improve that story or remove that story?
I'm still confused. What should I write now? Should I start writing plays poems or Quotes? I'm confused again. What is happening now?

Should I ask someone how to write a story? I got only a few likes no one had time to read my story. Can someone help me to give me some ideas? I'm tired now of thinking. I can't even focus on my studies. So I want to study in the library. Because there are a lot of distractions at home. My grandma came to America so she is living in our apartment so I can't eat properly and study. So I want to study in the library.

Please help me to give me some ideas for stories does anyone have ideas to write stories? Drop down below in the comments.

Someone knocked at my door I opened it again it was my mother. She gave me tea and I got something to eat. I drank tea and ate chips. Someone knocked again.....

It was my brain and my mind.........

They both asked me again. And I felt distracted again.
" Have you written a story?" They asked me.
They both looked at my paper and said " You write only 3 lines. What have you written about is this about Spring or Autumn?

" I wrote about Spring," I said.
"Wow! I have an idea."
I should create something more interesting and interactive and everyone likes this. But I like Mystery Stories and I should write about this. Well, that is a great idea to write about this. I can't focus right now on writing a story. Can someone tell me and give me some ideas for writing stories? I'm totally confused. If someone has an idea for writing a better story drop it in the comments. Thank you.

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