My child: Mother's Love
This is when I used to sit at the railway gate with my friends, It was 5 in the evening, a train stopped. One couple descends from the train, The couple looked poor, and they were South Indian, Both of them came to us and were asking us something in their language but we did not understand their language.
The woman was trying to tell by the gesture but we could not understand anything, The condition of both was very bad, both had not eaten anything, it seemed like, A friend of mine understood that he is hungry, so he gave some food packed from the shop to the couple,
But both were not eating, both had tears in their eyes,
Just then, the woman huddled and took a small child in her lap and started kissing the child.
That is when the mother of the child calls them all as stealing the child, Everybody snatches a child from that woman and punches the woman with a kick, then that woman's man tries to stop everyone, But all of them also kick him with a kicking stick,
That's when all our friends went to that and stopped everyone, A friend of mine came to Banglore after studying it and he knows the language of the couple and also talks to both of them.
My friend said that their child has been picked up from the train and both of them are looking for their child, and the woman is shocked, Whenever a child sees her, she takes a child-like her child.
We also began to feel pity after hearing this and what we could do,
Seeing the woman's condition, her husband also started crying a lot, All of us friends together gave some money so that both of them could go home safely.
Then the police come and my friend tells the truth to the police and leaves both of them at the railway station.
We do not know if their child was found or they went home or looking for their child.
It is very sad when you don't know someone's language and they are in trouble.

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