Save me corazon /Volume 1/
Her corazon. Sitting down on her office chair think about her next book. She begins to write a few notes. "hmmm- should the main character go back in time?.... meh " erase. Then again, again,again,and again. After a few minutes of sitting in dispar. She sees a text from a random number. She opens her phone and looks at the text . She read "come back home for your birthday we have a surprise " after a bit of thinking she froze. It was her mother texting. she left it on open and packed her book and went to her house, saying goodbye to her boss. later that night she couldn't stop looking at the text. Her mother was abusive growing up. She ran away for a reason. She lived in a small town Florida jaztionville. Before she left , now she's living in an apartment building near central park new York. She just stared at it till 2:34 am . Then she started to pack and texted her boss "Hey , img going to be out of town for the next few days. Till text when I get back."then she left .She took a bus . She got there two days later. She grew up with her family in the circus. it was no surprise that the first thing she saw was 2 ignoramuses houses. One for the actual circus and one for living in. She walks into the circus one. everything is dark then a light appears up by the balancing beem . It's Star her oldest sister. she tries to say"hey sta-" then notices another light shines on lunar. Her youngest sister. she was holding knifes as it to do a trick. Then another light on sol. He was having upside down on a big target. The only boy in the family.thrn finally a light appears on solar, her mother. Once again stealing the spotlight. (curious music begins to play and Solar says" WELCOME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. TO THE FRIST
CLASS BIRTHDAY SPECIAL FOR THE ONE AND ONLY CORAAAAAZONNNNN!!!" the fake audience applauds. She continues " TONIGHT WE SHOW HER OUR SPECIAL ROUTINE. MADE just for .. Her !!!" corazons heart drops. She wants to leave but Star swings down and picks her up and throws her across the air from where her girlfriend is and stars girlfriend starts her next to lunar and lunar being throwing knifes at sol . Sol forces a laugh. Solar says " WELCOME HOME BIRTHADY GIRL HOW ABOUT CAKE... HMMM. MAKE IT PIE!!" she proceeds to throw the pie at her face , corazon groans. Everyone including the fake audience laughed then the room goes dark. she walks out and heads towards the house in fury.Corazon spots sol in the hallway. She calls out for him . He in a hurry rushes over to her and shoves corazon in her old room with him . Sol says"Corazon...you can't stay.".
Corazon says I know ...." wiping the pie off her face. You know I dreamed of you sis." She chuckles sarcasticly and says "funny."/music plays/ Sol continues. "Seriously. Little do you know our mama is a lair.Once you left she changed."Corazon "what?"
Sol says "She drank. She said she would have a better job. But you see our lives will never change. "Corazon said "Ill help you get out" Sol sinsg out again" Im only seven teen.You seen im weak. I can't even look my twin my the eyes cuz she will say im fighting.Haven't you figured it out ?You have power . Your the only one with power who can stop her from.Becoming famous. Because your daddy is satan. " corazon" William???" Sol says"The only one with power .Once your gone she will reach up for the skys and drag your unknwon 'power'". Corazon" what?" cant believe you don't understand.
She'll stab you. She'll drag you. Shell take your only wish . And take it for her self . And make the only wish. To make herself famous." corazon speaks out proudly" I have power?!!?" Sol interups " To make a wish every day! And not give a darn about what they say! Say a wish. " /end music/Corazon says" I wish for-" Gets interrupted by lunar." mother wants you presence ant the dinning table." and walks out. Corazon mocks her and leaves waving goodbye to Sol. She walks out wondering what to wish for. after a few she arrives at the dinning room. She sits across from solar. Corazon begins the conversation " why did you want me to come here.". Solar laughs and beings to talk" why I can't ask to see my own daughter... why look at you my baby . You've grown up with my intelligent and skills." She stood up and walks over to Corazon and beings to caress her hair. Corazon " you don't get to talk to me that way. I had a good reason to leave! " pushes her hand away. Solar "sure you did . " Grabs her hand tightly. She tries sto talk" listen-" Gets interrupted/music plays/
No you dont understand why id do something like that to sand up from u moher!
I used to get bullied...By being your little clown mother." Solar" that's enough." Corazon continues" I dont wanna hear it, It your fault i left. Now you have to live with it! Stop! Leave me alone. I'm going home!" Solar interups again" THIS IS YOUR ONLY HOME." Corazon pulls her hand away from her grasp."No this is yours I grew up thinking about it. My sister's didn't think about it!Im a grown up .Finally capable to leave grown up!
Suck my dick !Im out if here chicks ! "Corazon stands up seeing her sister lunar being to chase her into the hallway. Solar again interups"Get her!" Corazon sings no matter what"IM LEAVING AND YOU CANT STOP ME! LOOK AT WHAT IM DOING! IM FINALLY FREE TO DO WHAT IVE ALWAYS WANTED!
IM FINALLY AN ATHOUR OF THE BOOK I WANTED AND I -" Sol pops up and screams " CORAZON!!!" Corazon"SOL???" Sol " Your leaving me... again? " grabs her arms nd her sister catches up, Corazon stays in shock forgeting about her little brother was going the thesame thing sh went thorugh while growing up. Corazon " i-" and stays silent and lunar takes her to her room. She sits down on the bed /.music starts/ "Mother cant believe in my Dreams. Ima bouta wonder . Watching my face finally burn.My dear.Im sick of lies. Just tell me if im a good baby. Quite sleepy baby .Every night watch me sleep. Suffocate in my tears. Fall asleep on me. Watching me while on the rim.
May mother nature help ,you.But my crib isn't so big.For both of us to fit in.I think you need your .Own space to live in baby.Mabye twice a month.Remember your young.Rest in peace, baby
In my dreams i fly away.Deep into outer space
Far from theses faces "Then realized that Star couldn't perform well because of her leg injury when she was 19. She had fell of a 45 feel balancing beem and the show stopped for almost 3 years.She stood up and went to go check up on her. She walks in the room to see her cringing in a corner while her girlfriend pats her head. Corazon " who are you? " her girlfriend says " hiii, sorry we never really met in eva. Stars girlfriend... I'll leave if y'all want to talk. " Corazon " thanks." Eva leaves/music begins Star sings "I am sitting in a corner..." she sneezed "Remembering the days when i used to win.
Id wear a crown.Evryone one in town admired me."
Corazon speaks up" yes and??" Star continues"And what ? You think im going to stay sad?No fuck that!
When my leg heals again! Ill be numer one again!
Kick all those bitches out my stage! Cower at my feet!" Corazon "un wait what?" Star"You heard me!
All for my crown all .I can dream of right now.Gold covered rims! Almost looks so good i could EAT. But cant . Till my leg heals. You'll have win it all because...Im sick."she sneezed and corazond finally speaks " well...its not so bad....?sleep in all day
Get that beauty sleep in. No more under eye bags .
OH LORD YOU HAVE SOME?! You can eat ice cream all day every day till you, Feel like it! That crown can wait athother day. You are on top of its Cain!" Star starts again"I am.It can wait one more day till i,Feel like i can wear it ! I al- ready have some bays in in my line! So you have to wait another day!
Till i finish this big bucket of ice cream covered cake! Or is it the other way ?" Corazon" who cares just keep singing! Star struggles to stand up and sings"All i ever realy wanted was to sit on top that hill. Watching yall get ill! My crown sits next to me!
Or kick it off . And sit there with the number one,
that's me! But for now ill sit here in the corner.
Ill remember the day when i used to win!" /music ends/Corazon"that's right sis." unexpectedly Star hugs her sister for the first time...Ever. Star" thanks for that. Now get out my room I need to get my makeup on for my girlfriend's fashion show. " Corazon talks" your lesbian?? How come I didn't know...?" Star talks" yeah when you left we got together. Bye " Pushes her out. Spots lunar in the corner looking devilish with a wide grin. Corazon stands there in chills then walks off to her room in so much exhaust. and lays on the bed and lays down.