The best two leaders (Story part: 4)
Namjoon and Bangchan are talking continuously in the happiness of meeting each other and their talks are not stopping. Namjoon and Bangchan's friends are watching both of them standing there for a long time. And thinking when will these two stop talking?

Then Bangchan's friend Changbin called Bangchan.....

Changbin: Hey!! Chan......( with powerful loud voice )

Namjoon's friend standing next to him got a little scared after hearing this loud voice of Changbin.

Seokjin: oooh my.... his voice!! ... I got scared.

Hearing Changbin's voice, both Namjoon and Bangchan come to their friends.

Bangchan introduces Namjoon to his friend.

Bang Chan: Guys this is my childhood friend Namjoon. Namjoon this are my friends, Lee know, Changbin, Hyunjin, jisung, Felix, Seungmin, and Jeongin.

Then Namjoon also introduces his friend to Bangchan. And both the groups started having a good friendship.

In classroom....

Jimin: Those people are in the class next to us.

Taehyung: Everyone is very friendly..

Hoseok: Namjoon if you knew that bangchan is going to come here in this university then why didn't you told us....

Namjoon: I was not sure whether these new students would be really bangchan or not.

In Bangchan classroom...

Jisung: You must be happy to meet your childhood friend. ( to bangchan )

Bang Chan: Yes I am very happy. I've been waiting for this day....

Class is over and all the students are going back to their dorms. Namjoon asks Bangchan to come to the play ground with his friends...

Bangchan goes there with his friends. Namjoon and his friends are standing there with football waiting for Bangchan and his friends.

Bangchan: Are we going to play football match ?

Namjoon: (passes the ball to Bangchan) yes of course...

Both the teams are eager to match with each other. And the rest of the students of the university also come to know that the football match is about to happen, so they all gather in the ground.

Some students are cheering namjoon and his team while some students are cheering newly arrived students bangchan and his team.

The match starts and a different energy has been generated in the game from the very beginning. Members of both the team's are playing the match with great enthusiasm.

The watching audience was stunned to see this match. And the audience started praising both teams.

Bangchan is standing there as a goalkeeper and waiting for the ball to come. Jungkook's coming fast with the ball to score. And bangchan takes his position to stop the ball. The team members of bangchan try their best to prevent the goal from being scored.

Jungkook was very quick and hits the ball hard with his foot. Bangchan goes to catch the ball thinking that it will stop him from scoring the goal. But it didn't happen as Bangchan thought and the opposite team scored one point...

The match continued…and the enthusiasm in the team kept on increasing. The score is now;

Bangchan's team: 5 goals....

Namjoon's team: 8 goals....

Now the whole fifteen minutes are left for the match to end. Both the teams are playing with all their heart. And the audience is eager to see who is going to win the match in the end.

Now bangchan team is leading. Hyunjin has the ball and he is headed straight for the goal. Bangchan and his other members are relying on Hyunjin... thinking he will goal this one....!!

Just then Jimin came from behind and started running with Hyunjin and is waiting for the way to take the both from Hyunjin.

Jimin is trying hard to get the ball... But Hyunjin is also no less. While jimin tries to take the ball from hyunjin, jimin's hand touches hyunjin's face.

Hyunjin takes full advantage of this opportunity…. ( smirks )

To be continued
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