The Forbidden Relationship
It was a school day at Sunlin Elementary, when two 4th graders ment. "Hey, um do you know where 4th grade is?" said the new kid. "Oh, yes! I'm actually in 4th grade you can follow me!" replied Cam. "Soooo, what is your name?" asked Cam, "mine is Cam." "Oh that's a cool name, mine is Jazzy," said Jazzy. "Do you know what teacher you have?" Cam asked, "my teacher did say we are getting a new student." "My teacher is Mr.beast!" exclaimed Jazzy. "Oh then that's weird my is Mrs.Camel," Cam said confusled. "My sister said she was in Mrs.Camels' class," Jazzy said. "That makes sense then," Cam replied, "well we are here." "Okay bye Cam," waved Jazzy as she said that. Years later now Jazzy, Cam, and her sister Mila are now bestfriends and are in High school. But Jazzy has a secret she's gonna confess. "Ugh, finally it's break time, I'm exhausted!" exclaimed Mila. "SAME," Cam agreed. "Guys, I have to tell you somthing," Jazzy said sadly, "well I really, really, really, like you Cam!" "..." Cam said, "well I actually do like you... I love you!" Then Mila interrupted, "YOU CANT HAVE A BOYFRIEND, IF YOU DO I WILL TELL MOM!" "I don't care sis, go away!" exclaimed Jazzy. At Jazzy and Mila house (dining room). "Hey mom, dad I think Jazzy has to tell you somthing," Snickered Mila. "Oh, really what is it Jaz?" asked Jazzy and Mila's mom."UMM, UMM, NO I DON'T!!" yelled Jazzy. "JAZZY, calm down!" replied Jazzy and Mila's dad. " Don't worry sister," Mila said mysteriously, "I will tell them, HAHAHA!!!" After tell them what happened. "WHAT YOU CANT HAVE A BOYFRIEND, YOU ARE ONLY 17?" screamed Jazzy and Mila's dad. (time skip) then they are heading to a plane from Utah to Japan. They never saw each other until they turned 34 and Jazzy flew back to Utah where they ment at the park.
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