My regret to turn back time
Set upon a disk mounted with paper work which will last me weeks to finish yet I still have to lead the king. I still must play my part I cannot do this no longer I'm going to go mad at this point I play my part everyday and night I cannot do this I shall end it all sooner or later. I have tried to run away but were shall I go again I have no family nor do I friends. The only people I know are in this walls or outside were the King takes me this is a life of hell and torture to keep secrets to and blood on your hands it's not worth it at all, yes you may have saved me but yet you still cage me as though I am not allowed to be free I'm suffering non-stop. But that all came to an end on the 12th night of my miserable unbearable life I was accused of treason against the king and I adamantly refuted yet my words were heard to death ears. A spent many night caged like an animal for 4 days on the 5th day I was taken to my execution that found unreputable evidence of my crimes and accomplices who had flad the scene. A knight who was left to die with injuries stated that he saw me with four other men at scene of the crime when he had approached me with other knights apparently had ordered the man to attack him any others to a complete my plan but it feels horribly it I did not know of this horrific crime that was done by the King. I was put to death on the charges of treason, attempted murder and many other crime I did not commit my life came to a quick and I may have not done it but I was thrilled to be free from that vile human being and his people but is this truly the end maybe not

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