The Hospital Night series -12
Max and Josh reach the hospital , both were really tired but when they back a heartbreaking news was waiting for them. GEORGE WAS DIED. One of the wardboy come and give that sad news to them. This was really shaking news. Earth was slipped under their feet. ...
Josh is totally break they both work together for long time. Max try to console him but he can't feel the pain of long term friendship.
When Max and Josh left the hospital strange things started happening. That terrible was replaced by loud screaming of Troy. That screaming was so terrible. No one was able to ignore it. Suddenly everything stop this stillness was disturbing the whole hospital staff, like they were use to it or they knew it maybe be warning for upcoming terror.
A male nurse knocked the cabin of George and said Troy is shouting loudly he is scratching the walls it's seem like he will break the wall pls do something doctor. He take the holly water and remember his family. He is having the vibes of something bad is going to be happening, but it's his duty. So he command them to take high dose of sleeping injection. All his way he was praying to God to give peace to this child. Before entering inside he take long breath and relax himself. Then he go inside. He look around and find Troy is sitting in the corner with all his fingers scratching the walls. After some time he realizes that he is whispering something his lips are moving in an uncertain way.
First he call his name
George - Troy !
Troy doesn't show any kind of moment he remain sit still and continue scratching. After gathering some courage George decided to go close towards him. When he put his hand on his (Troy) sholder he stop for a while and then turned his head towards him he almost twist his head to look at George .
George see his eyes are all black . Blood is oozing from his fingers may be he is doing this from long time. Then Troy pass a crepy smile to him and then suddenly he hold George's hand. Then he stand up and said
Troy - You disturb me man you shouldn't have to do this..........
then he smirk and said
Troy - I think you deserve it because you have lived long.
Then he twist his head to original position and hold George hand so tightly as his arm's veins is revealing now. Then he suddenly enter his hand inside the George body right at his heart position. He hold his heart and said
Troy - It's pumping in rush let me free it ....
And then he take George heart out and throw it on the floor .
This whole scene was breath taking if anyone see it may his soul left his body then he kicked George body and his heart toward the gate and said loudly
Troy - A present for my friend. ....
And started laughing
The guards place the body at stretcher . One of the guard trying to lock the room with his shaking hands. . .
After sometime they preserved the body properly but now they don't have enough courage to give this news to Josh and Max.
Hospital is still now all are praying for ending this horrible night. Patients are sleeping in the sound of mourning whistle but for staff, sleep is far away from their eyes. Some looking on sky in the hope for better morning......

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