I Like The Way You Dance
I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror behind the row of liquor bottles in the barback. First thing I notice are my red lips and the way my thick eye liner makes my caramel brown eyes pop. I look pretty pathetic sitting there by myself with my empty glass. I shake off the feeling and order another shot of crown and a Jack&Coke to wash it down. After I pay the nice lady I slam the shot and guzzle a good third of my drink. 'Still pathetic' I think to myself. That shot hit me in just the right place and my insecurities started to melt away, just how I liked them. At this time of night it's just now starting to pick up, the music vibrated the liquid in the liquor bottles like a scene off of Jurassic Park. The lights were dimmer and the colorful strobes finally have come out to play. I hear muddled talking and laughter all around me. I find myself wishing I hadn't come alone, but at the same time my therapist says I should find ways to feel more comfortable doing things by myself. She says it's a codependency thing. Going out drinking probably wasn't the best solution but eh, at least I'm trying?
I hear the music start thumping to a familiar beat, with my inhibitions lowered I start wiggling in my seat. I can feel the liquid courage bubbling through me from my feet to my finger tips. I order another shot of Crown, throw it back, shove my phone and my wallet into my leather jacket pocket, grab my drink and head over to the dance floor.
I start to sway to the music, just barely dipping my toes into the melody. Sipping on my drink, I find myself drawn to the speakers. I like standing right next to them so I can feel the base. I close my eyes and absorb the sensory overload. Usually I would be crawling out of my skin, but tonight my motto is "fuck it".
I take another big gulp of my drink and then I finally let loose. I start to dance like no one is watching, as they say. Letting the rhythm move through me, feeling fluid and light on my feet. Eyes closed almost the entire time, probably not smart in a crowded bar but it felt right. When I opened my eyes I see I have started a dance circle, three women and two men have joined me. I smile at them and blush. I guess people really were watching. We carry on like that for a few songs until I notice my drink is empty. I flash a smile, point at my drink and head back to the bar. It's packed in here now and my seat is definitely taken. Oh well.
I order another shot and a drink to chase it with. This one goes down extra smooth. Uh-oh.
I feel a light tap on my shoulder. When I turn around, I see one of the women that was in my little dance circle, I smile and say hello. She leans in so I can hear her over the noise and says "I like the way you dance." I blush again and say "awe thanks, I just feel it ya know?" Did that really just come out of my mouth, maybe I'm more intoxicated than I thought. She giggles and nods. Her eyes meet mine, they're a gorgeous green color. You can tell she spent a lot of time curling her hair with how it bounced when she nodded. I lean in a little closer and ask "what are you drinking?" She looks me up and down and replies "Whatever you're having that makes you move like that". I laugh and say "alright, well I hope you like whiskey" and I order her a drink. We sip our drinks and exchange a few looks. I'm definitely getting a vibe from her and I like it.
The music picks back up to another familiar beat and I see a flash of excitement in her eyes. She grabs my hand and leads me back to the dance floor. We dance next to each other for a little, her hand still in mine. I close my eyes and just vibe for a minute. Next thing I know, her hands are on my waist and we're face to face, the red, green and blue flashing lights reflecting off of her like they belonged there.
My "gay-dar" may need dusting off but she was making it pretty clear what her intentions with me were. I spin her around so her back is to me and I pull her body into mine, placing my hands ever so subtly on her hips. We grind like that for a few songs and then she turns around and gives me a knowing look. She puts her hand on my cheek and leans in, her lips almost touching my ear. "Come with me" she demands. I do as I'm told and follow her into the women's bathroom.
She locks the door behind us and half stumbles toward me. We lock eyes and I know what's going to happen next is probably a bad idea. 'Fuck it'
I pick her up by her waist and set her down on the sink counter, put my finger on her chin and pull her closer to me. We giggle as our noses touch. I gently graze my lower lip over hers, the giggle turned into a soft moan and I knew we were thinking the same thing.
I start kissing her, my hands running through her curly locks. Her hands reach around for my ass. She pulls me in tighter. I slightly nibble on her lip and she gasped. I work my way towards her neck and then we really Stat getting hot and heavy. I undo the first button of her blouse and reveal her freckle covered cleavage. I go for the second button but all of a sudden, BANG BANG BANG on the bathroom door. We snap out of it and realize where we were and what exactly we were doing. We look at each other and burst into laughter. My red lipstick is all over our faces.
Oh no.
She hops down from the sink and we try to clean each other up, but the lipstick is too powerful. BANG BANG BANG again on the door. We look at each other and shrug. I unlock the door, grab her by the hand and proudly walk out with her. Apparently we were in there for awhile, a line had formed. Oops.
"Do you smoke?" She asks me, trying to yell over the music. "yeah, you wanna?" I reply. She nods and we prance over to the exit door for the smoking section in the alley. I hand her a cigarette and light it for her, then I light my own. Then it dawned on me...
"what's your name?" I had just been having the steamiest make out session of my life and I didn't even know her name. My therapist is going to love this.
"Yazzmin, but everyone calls me Z"
"Pretty! Mines Jessica, but everyone calls me Jess" I playfully reply. She takes a drag off her smoke and gives me the sexiest bedroom eyes I've ever seen.
"So, Jess.. your place or mine?" she says with a wink.
"I'll call a cab" I say excitedly.

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