My Hogwarts Life - Chapter 1
Notice - This is for comedic purposes, I want this to still be descriptive like a non-comedic novel.

Lucy was quite the happy and content person. She had loving parents. She did get called a furry at school but that was simply because she did Quadrobics. And she ignored them to the best of her ability anyway.

It was midnight, Lucy couldn't get to sleep and she was lying in bed just staring at the darkened ceiling. She was fighting the urge to sneak across the road. Across the road was the bush. Across the road was where she felt like she should be.

Lucy focused on the sound of the quiet house. She focused on her surroundings. She felt cold. Lucy must have kicked off the blanket in her sleep because it was only covering one leg. Warmth, over only one leg, the rest of her body feeling the coolness of the night.

She felt the softness of her teddy bear, she named it Kathy after someone she never met. Her parents told Lucy how they had a deformity at the base of her spine, usually they die at 10 years old, but this time she lived until 40. The teddy was given as a gift by her mother. The teddy was given to Kathy while on her deathbead.

Lucy pulled the covers over herself again. Warmth. She liked to feel warm. It was nice. She always preferred a hot shower, it was a lovely experoence. Especially at night.

Ratta tap tap. Lucy jumped up from under her covers, looking around her room. Ratta tap tap. It was coming from her window. Ratta tap tap. She approached her window. Ratta tap tap. Lucy pulled back her blinds to reveal an owl.
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