Someone has a mission. Don Maddison and hes only 41 years old and thought while staring himself in the mirror: "You might only be 41, but you've still got a long way to go things to do people to save and protect and new worlds to venture explore, discover and go beyond places you've ever seen or even dreamed..."
He didnt look bad at all in his own very opinion and he just stared at himself brushed his easy steady hands through his black hair.
A brief silence and heart beat and in that moment, as he closed his eyes everything changed. Or so he thought. He loved life and his job ...
In an instant, for Captain Don Maddison, he somewhat stiffened and not really knowing why.
"You are not alone," Gareth Darlten, only 35 years old said as he suddenly entered the room of the Mission Space Craft that that looked average and worn out but survived a very specific purpose "transporting rare glistening stones all the way from Ventura in the Vegas Star System only 5 light years away from planet Megatron. He shrugged and in the average confines of this space Craft that was traveling faster than light, Captain Don Maddison said as he turned and they both found themselves in another room where they could sit on comfortable floating chairs and stare at the flashing passing stars of Oasis Planetary Star System.
"Why dont you sit down on one of these comfortable floating chairs," Captain Don Harrison said to Gareth Darlten who only stood where he was and trembling slightly and stared past captain's head and beyond him and the glass with the bright distant stars burning fiercely in the background.
"Dont think we got the time for that luxury," he said suddenly with mounting tension and sweat on his face ... but he said without thinking and without knowing why, "all the people in the space craft have disappeared, and I dont know why and it feels like theres nothing we can do about it."
"Dont worry," the captain said suddenly, eith warm expression on his face, "that's why I am here."
"I know," Don Harrison said suddenly and frowned and following his gaze staring at the flashing passing stars. "That's why I am the captain of this space Craft."

© Morris52