The Addiction: Part Five
Rahul remembered Ashok who used to work in ABP Ananda but left over some arguments.He visited him and told "Alokda I know it was you who gave me those recordings that day."Alok smiled and said "I knew you would soon find out.Actually I had known that Madhubanti was gathering some information on a secret gang but that night,she was captured from her room.I had never felt that they would show so much audacity or else I would have alerted you all earlier.I did not want to reveal myself so I met you in disguise.But now we have two tasks,one to find Madhubanti and the other is to find the paper which Madhubanti had kept so as to bust the gang.But I am quite sure that someone from inside ABP Ananda is involved in this." But Rahul had already noticed something which would lead to some clues in this case.

Rahul then reached Madhubanti and Saikat's house. Saikat and his two daughters Mita and Riya were also present. Rahul sat down with Saikat first. "Why are you gilding money every month to some unknown people" thundered Rahul leading to utter shock in Saikat. For a few minutes Saikat could not speak a word. He just kept staring at Rahul. He gulped down a glass of water and started muttering "a few months ago there was some funds embezzlement in my company but the money was donated to some gang by whom I don't know. I don't know who caused all this. But after that I am getting blackmailed for money." Rahul told him calmly, "Mr. Saikat, had you informed the police about his, then all this would not have happened." Saikat said, "what do you mean". Rahul told him "all this which happened at your company is related to your wife Mrs. Madhubanti's disappearance. And yes, your wife Mrs. Madhubanti had been abducted that night and this is related to that funds embezzlement." Saikat shuddered. He never thought that his wife might have to pay the price for all this. If only he had taken steps earlier.....

Next Rahul sat down with Mita in another room. Mita is a college going girl similar to her sister Riya. Rahul asked her, "when did you come to know that your mother Mrs. Madhubanti has disappeared?" Mita told him, "the same night we had spoken to mother over the phone, and everything was fine. But next morning we could not reach out to her. Then using our contacts we came to know that she has disappeared." Rahul: "what do you think is the reason for all this.Heard that your mother was working on exposing some secret gang." Mita:"I don't know much about her commitments. Mother mostly remains busy with her news channel and takes a lot of care of her own beauty." Rahul:"OK thank you. Miss Mita. Please call your sister Miss Riya here." Riya is also a college student. She also told Rahul almost the same thing as her sister Mita. At the end Riya implored to Rahul, "please Mr. Rahul find my mother." Rahul put his hand on her shoulder as if to assure her.

Rahul again went to Saikat's room where he was sitting still startled. "I know Mr.Saikat you are thinking how I came to know about the happenings in your company," said Rahul, "actually I have been tracking the incidents in your company and this exchange of money and from there I came to know that you are being blackmailed. I suspect that the same gang is blackmailing you and that gang also abducted your wife Mrs.Madhubanti." Saikat signed. "Now kindly tell me a few more things." "Ok",said Saikat. Rahul: "have you and Madhubanti been fighting recently?" Saikat: "No,there is nothing serious.Just normal things in married life."Rahul:"Had Mrs.Madhubanti ever told you that she had been gathering information on a gang?"Saikat:"She never told me anything of that sort." Rahul: "Pardon me Mr.Saikat, but I have to ask this. Does your wife Mrs.Madhubanti have very long smooth silky hair?". Saikat was beliwdered for a while but still told him "I don't know why you are asking,it's weird, but yes my wife Madhubanti certainly has long lustrous hair, and she cares about her long hair a lot. Madhubanti is a beauty of the city. She has been well known for her beauty and her long hair since along time. As you know,she reads news for a well known channel on TV and keeps her long hair open mostly to enhance her own beauty." "Okay Mr.Saikat,thank you for your time,it will help us a lot and I want to tell you and yours daughters something together. Please assemble in the hall of this house."

So in the hall Rahul was standing and Saikat,Mita and Riya were seated in the sofa. Rahul told them,"It is clear that Mrs.Madhubanti had been abducted from her room that night. How and why is still to be known, but it has been thought that both Mrs.Madhubanti's beauty and her long lustrous hair and her gathering information on some secret gang are he plausible causes. We will certainly certainly her,I request you all to please be calm." Saying this Rahul left their house.

On the way, Rahul met Amrita. They both decided to go to a nearby cafe to discuss a few things.