Revenge (story part: 21)
Kai was brought back to the camp. Hualing is applying medicine to Kai's injury.

Seeing that Kai is in a lot of pain, Hualing was unable to bear it. And Hauling's eyes started filling with tears.

Kai notices that Hualing is worried about Kai so he slowly reaches out his hand to wipe the tears running down on Hualing's face.

Kai also felt sad and at the same time happy that Hualing was worried about him.
As soon as Kai brings his hand near Hualing's face, Eun Sook comes there.

And he quickly moves his hand back.

Eun Sook: Kai are you okay?

Kai: Yes I am fine... Just a little pain. Ahhhh!!!

Hualing: (Hearing Kai screaming) oh, did I press too hard ? I'm sorry ....

Kai: No no no problem

Eun Sook sat on the chair placed in front. And thinks about Dylan.

Kai: Thinking about Dylan? I also can't believe that he changed like this after seeing his dad.

Eun Sook: He never hurts anyone. Now look what he did. I, I am not able to understand anything now. How did he become like his dad ?

Eun Sook's mom is watching Eun Sook.
She tries to push the wheelchair forward with her one hand.

Hualing sees Eun Sook's mom trying to move the wheelchair, so she immediately gets up and helps her.

And brought her to Eun Sook. Her mom smiled looking at Eun Sook. All three were surprised to see this.

All three looked at each other. And Eun Sook went closer to her mom.

Eun Sook: Mom, did you smiled at me just now?

Eun Sook's mom slowly extended her hand towards Eun Sook. And placed it on her face and tried to say something but due to lack of ability to speak, she was not able to say anything.

Kai: Looks like your mom's memory is coming back and she recognizes you.

Hearing Kai's words, Eun Sook looked straight at her mom and asked, "Mom! Do you recognize me... I am Eun Sook!!

Her mom smiled and nodded while saying yes ! Eun Sook becomes very happy to hear that her mom finally recognized her. She goes towards her and hugs her.

The other day at Rick's place...

Rick doesn't fully trusted Dylan yet. Because Dylan is an army, Maybe this is his drama.

So he tells his man to keep a close eye on Dylan's every move.

Dylan searches the entire place. And a man's eyes fall on Dylan and he starts getting suspicious of him.

The guy goes and tells Rick that Dylan is looking strange. Hearing this, Rick stood up and went to Dylan.

Rick: Are you looking for something? Dylan

Dylan stopped when he heard his dad's voice. And looked back.

Dylan: Dad?

Rick goes to Dylan and sees a chain in his hand. Rick takes the chain from Dylan's hand and asks, "This chain?"

Dylan: Mom made this chain for you on your birthday.

Rick looked at Dylan and asked, "Why are you walking around here with this chain?"

Dylan: I lost one pearl from it. That's just what I was looking for.

Rick looked at Dylan for a while and looked at the pearl on the chain and one pearl was missing from it. So he returns the chain to Dylan and leaves from there.

.. To be continued

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