It is a moony surface, and I am holding my DSLR infront of my eyes like any other camera person . I am amazed by the view of the land before me , white cluster like land it is,dreamy  pink light is coming out from it . Suddenly a creature comes in , it was a dear , a white one . Long white horns has spread it's branches widely, silky moonlight is reflecting from it's body. The curious beast of phography comes out of the grave . While the creature started to call my nick name "Rukuuu,Rukuuu" in a slightly  hazy voice . Now it took my mother's voice , what my wanderland collapsed in the midst of a  serious imagination. I wake up infront of my three stand camera which I fixed last night to click the photos of the only pink moon of this year. I figured out finally that's a pretty hallucinating dream .

So , let's introduce myself. I am Rusha Chakraborty, majoring  in photography from
Delhi college of photography Many opposed me argued with me for choosing this majire even my own family. But l was strictly addicted to my passion ,it's not in my control 
Once I have seen my mother tiering up seeing a photo of my Dida (granny). Science then I have decided to capture the emotions of life in one frame. Now I am back in Kolkata , my home town due to  vacation .

Now I have to hurry up cause I am getting late for the 'para tohol'. I always get ready for outing with music in the morning. Like wise I played 'cupid' in the speaker. I took a shower, brushed my teeth . After Washing up i combed my messy curly short hair . Putting on my red black check shirt I  looked around my little world surrounded by different types of lances ,cameras , and pics of my family , mine and pics of different places I have spotted from many place . One of the pricious of my collection is the golden memento of the yearly prizes of best photography I got from collage, and from here and there . Now I have to run cause it is the last call of my ma to come the breakfast table . "Russhaa"
"Haa , aschi"
"I will break my throat while calling you and father for breakfast "
"So don't shout na , perfect solution."
"Yes as if something has happened in this house without my nagging "
"Akdom chup , eat " my dad interrupted us .

After getting rid of my everyday mess of my house I came out with my camera to  start my day and to hang out with my childhood buddies . I took a snap of the flower women whom I always have seen from my childhood days .
"Ki ,you came home early this time "
"Ya ,and you are just as young and beautiful as your flowers ".I replied
Our panties came together and roam in some random streets of Kolkata. Sometimes we rest in a tea shop ,more like making gossips for every age . Suddenly one of our rockies suggest there is a wedding in their area , everyone looked at each other . So  legends will understand what that look means . As always we "bin dhulae barati" steeped in there with so much pride that one can get confused that we are from the groom's side .
Like shameless fools we stepped in the "Gayeholud " ceremony (Haldi) . The groom is sitting in the middile of the stage . Our other punties are busy eating and staring at beautiful womens. While my eyes stopped at the camera man nagging his subordinates.
"Are,dada now days we doesn't use this kind of light. Didi can you move a little? Mamoni see towards the camera . Ya bride's father should come forward."
I suddenly came forward and grabbed the shoulder of the guy. My senti photographer mode turned on immediately.
"Kaka , this is not a good way to capture the moment".
" Hey, who are you . Nowadays kids think everything is their Facebook and Instagram. I am in this business for more than 20 years now. You will teach me how to do or not."

My panties are all active now they came forword took my side in the argument.

"Kaka it's not about experience,I am just telling to not block their emotions to take a mechanical picture. And I am not telling this because I am an influencer or something, I am majoring in photography."
"Ok if you are that desperate then take some photos in my behalf."

The family was asking the photographer what happened. He said that I am his assistant so I will take charge now. My pride is now in the bait . The experienced photographer Landed in my shoes and I started clicking pictures of the moments when the relatives giving haldi looking at each other , when the bride smiles in the mids of the fest , when everyone is teasing her or she shades tears embarassing her mother. All these photos captured every emotions and love so immensely that the father personally thanked me and that camera man,  and he took all the cradit of searching me shamelessly. Howevern my mission is successful.
After this crazy episode we are about to leave , when my heart is beating so fast, and my legs stopped walking when I out of breath, my head started spinning and collapsed in the Ally.

TO BE CONTINUED................................