Monsoon 💯
"Dark Times Reveals The Real People" We have heard this quote alot of times in life ! but in her case she has experienced it . This story is about me "Shayna" I have shifted here few months ago I use to live in a very populated city where I had many friends and my people due to my father's transfer we shifted to this dark place i still don't know why ! but anyways I have managed myself here now as I have no choice left. After being here for months today finally mom and dad has started to resume their jobs and finally today was my last degree exam Btw I'm a BA student BA (history) majors all my life I was always keen to know what our history looks like how it was ad today that I'm finally free and my mumma papa are not here I've decided to sneak inside an abondaned palace so for the first time I'm going to do something like this it gives me chills and I'm also excited to do something like this. As i entered the palace the one thing that I noticed was those beautiful walls which are covered with lots of dust yet it looks so beautiful and pretty. After walking and exploring the floor I suddenly saw something which I wasn't sure of it was this painting of a beautiful lady but when I saw her face it reminded me about someone. Oh ! This lady is the one whom I saw on my 10th birthday but how come her painting is hanging on this wall. I was so confused suddenly I felt someone is watching me and in a mili second I got unconscious....
Her Parents POV ;
Mother: It's been a while that we have left her alone on her own..
Father: ya I know it ! it's also so stranged that she is not at home at this hour. where is she? did she tell you anything?
Mother: No I was with you the whole day how would I know .
Suddenly, Someone from their neighbour started shouting. and in a worried tone they just ran behind the man and when they reached they were exactly in front of that abondaned palace where their daughter was lying unconscious. They took her into their arms and took her to home. After Dr checked her properly they told that she must have seen something which she shouldn't. so the parents got worried and the moment I become conscious both my parents hugged me and smiled at me. The moment I opened my eyes i was DEVASTED and disgusted. without thinking for once I just ran I ran as quickly as i can.
Few Minutes Before She felt Unconscious:
After wandering everywhere i could feel someone is watching me and suddenly out of nowhere that lady who I saw on my 10th birthday appear infront of me ! I got curious and suddenly she started walking and I was blindly following her in order to know what she is upto little did I know what's for instore for me ! suddenly she stood near one specific tree which is claimed as her daughters favourite. and the moment I went near the tree the lady was disappearing when I reached near that tree i started searching idk what but as I was digging in i found a treasure box out of curiosity I opened it quickly ! But i saw inside made me eager and furious ! The first thing I saw was bracelet and a necklace which I remember someone giving it to when I was a kid tho in few days i lost my bracelet and necklace after that I don't remember seeing it anywhere until today. as i searched for more I saw one photo frame . it was my childhood picture ! not with my current parents but it was the old lady who I saw today and also on my 10th birthday ! with the frame there was a letter too.
"Hello Shayna, my dearest Daughter. Yes you are my daughter. when you were just 3 years old while coming back from your relatives someone took you away from us. We searched you everywhere but we couldn't find you. until your 10th birthday I saw you at your house backyard. so i decided to say hello. The truth is you were kidnapped by a drug dealers who are wishing to sell you on your 21st birthday . I hope you find these treasure box with these letter to know who you really are and who are your real parents. We missed you beta ! We love you Kelin yes that's your original name. and that's why this necklace has K In it .
From Mumma!".
After reading these I was so happy and shattered at the same time. all my life I've been lived and loved by those fake parents. but now i know what I'm suppose to do. in a month I'll have my 21st birthday with my real parents.
to be continued.........❤️✅