A woman walking with her son
A woman behind them stalking
Tryna listen to the conversation they have talking
The woman goes up stairs to have a better eyes view
The woman and her son so to the court to eat food
The woman sits far but near
They don’t see her stare
They get done eating then they go down stairs
They go to foot locker
They go to champs
They go to old navy
To get the boy pants
The woman follows closer
Closer closer closer
The woman with her son
Goes to the rest rooms
Leaves the kid out side
The woman comes up to the boy
Says come on hurry up
The boy doesn’t listen
He yells for his mom
The woman takes the kids hands
The little boy yells
She screams
you were taken from me 8 years ago
Can’t you see we look alike
The woman come out
A brawl fights breaks out
Cops come to separate
The real mom goes to jail
The kidnapper goes free
She explaining to the cops
A woman took her baby from me
Who’s lying who’s telling the truth
Who’s the real mom
Who’s the sluth

© Neptoon