What is life? how can good people get hurt, how can people with a pure soul not be able to find their own solution? in this world where we get to meet and see different people, go to different places.Yet why can't the good once can't be able to meet their saviour? I try to tell my self to belive in the most high, and yet I find it difficult to belive. When I sit and watch I see pain sorrow not from me but from the once i love and cared for, knowing I can't do much to help, but just to pure out my anger in what ever I see. I try to cry but I hide my tears so much so that they don't see me.I am tired not only for my self, I am just tired to see a woman so beautiful both in heart body and soul, suffer for the sins she knows nothing about, and when ever she try to pull or lift up her self she always fall, why why why would things be like this. Does it mean that one can't change his or her own destiny? does it mean life or destiny can't be change. I try to be happy just for the world to see that am fine, but deep down my soul I carry the burden of a thousand souls. How many can I save? I wished I am no human! I wished I was an angel, I wished I had powers. I would have saved them, even if it would be saving them and giving them that one moment peace.Even if it's for a day. Most people sit and look through their windows smiling and not knowing what their next door neighbour is going through. I cry every day knowing that those people refuse to help, instead they save their own and let the unrelated blood suffer. When they have the opportunity to do something they just turn deaf ears. Believing that it can happen to anyone.Who told you that bad things can just happen to anyone.We can't save them all. But try as much as you can to know what would cause a young lady to have the thought of taking her own life. If this life is worthless you would not be alive, you would just end it without looking or thinking twice.Heart broken is an understatement, I am bitter knowing I can't help. If one day I decided to take my life i hope I can be an angel,who would bring peace to the pure in hrt, this is only a wishful thinking. This the more reason I am hurt the more my soul is shattered
© princess uche